Who is Rachel Garrett in Star Trek Picard? Fans React to His Reference!

You might have recognized a familiar name if you watched the premiere of Star Trek Picard season 3. Rachel Garrett is briefly mentioned in the most recent Star Trek series, but you might miss it. She has a connection to Raffi’s search for the mysterious Red Lady, and her name is displayed on the screen.

The character’s name will cause Star Trek fans to perk up their ears like Vulcans. Nevertheless, as Rachel Garrett hasn’t been mentioned since being introduced in a Star Trek TV series decades ago, we could all use a refresher on who she is and how we came to know her name.

Who is Rachel Garrett in Star Trek Picard?

A former Starfleet captain named Rachel Garrett appeared in the Yesterday’s Enterprise episode of The Next Generation. During the attack, Picard and his team visited the Enterprise-C, a ship that predated their own, and they explored an odd radiation anomaly.

The Enterprise-C, commanded by Rachel Garrett, had unintentionally traversed a temporal gap while engaged in a futile conflict with the Romulans.

Who is Rachel Garrett in Star Trek Picard
Who is Rachel Garrett in Star Trek Picard

This resulted in creating a different timeline in which humanity was engaged in conflict with the Klingon Empire and on the approach of defeat.

The proper chronology could only be restored if Garrett and her ship returned through the gap and gave their lives in battle against the Romulans, although her initial desire to stay in this alternate future to aid the Federation in fighting the Klingons.

But before the Enterprise-C could leave, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey attacked it, killing Garrett. But thankfully, as Lieutenant Richard Castillo assumed control of the ship in Garrett’s absence, the timeline was reset.

In the opening episode of season 3, Picard refers to Rachel Garrett, which pays homage to one of the best episodes of The Next Generation and, possibly, all of sci-fi television. This episode incorporates several elements from The Next Generation into modern Star Trek.

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Fans React to Rachel Garrett Reference

Several viewers were thrilled by the tiny mention to Rachel Garrett, even though some fans may have missed it. One fan on Twitter noted how Garrett’s statue met the same fate as her character in The Next Generation, saying:

“Rachel Garrett…always ending in a boom.”

Added another fan:

“I feel bad for Captain Rachel Garrett. Garrett is nearly killed by Romulans, barely survives, then killed by Klingons & her Enterprise (the C) is hardly ever mentioned again,”

“Now her statue & its dedication ceremony are bombed by terrorists. This poor woman can’t catch a break lol.”

While this fan commented:

“Justice for Rachel Garrett! She was a true badass.”

This fan wasn’t keen on Garrett’s bright red statue:

“Why in the world would you want your Rachel Garrett statue to look like that.”

And finally, this fan got an unwanted reminder from their other half:

“Me, watching PICARD: “Rachel Garrett… Rachel Garrett…. OH! CAPTAIN OF THE ENTERPRISE-C!” Wife: “Oh my god, you’re such a nerd.”

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