Who is Timbaland Married to Now? The Woman Behind the Music Maestro!

Timbaland, or Timothy Zachary Mosley, is a famous music producer known for his work with Justin Timberlake. He produced several of Timberlake’s albums and hit singles. Timbaland has also worked with other big-name artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Ludacris, Drake, and Rihanna.

He’s pretty successful, with an estimated net worth of $85 million. Timbaland has been nominated for many Grammy Awards and has won several, including Best R&B Song and Best Dance Recording.

Apart from his music career, there’s also some buzz about his personal life, particularly his relationships and marriage. This article dives into that aspect, providing detailed information about Timbaland’s married life and his current relationship status.

Who is Timbaland’s Wife?

Timbaland married Monique Idlett in 2008, his real name is Timothy Zachary Mosley. Reign, their daughter, was born in November 2007. The twist is that Monique filed for divorce twice, once in October 2013 and again in June 2015. They are temporarily separated at the moment.

Timbaland hasn’t been in any serious romances or married again after the separation. Monique, by the way, is well-known for her work as a manager at Mosley Music Group, where she worked with successful musicians such as One Republic, Nelly Furtado, and Chris Cornell.

Who is Timbaland's Wife?
Who is Timbaland’s Wife?

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Who is Timbaland Married to Now?

Timbaland is not married to anyone currently. Timbaland was previously married to Monique Idlett, with whom he welcomed their daughter Reign, Timbaland has faced the ups and downs of matrimony, marked by Monique filing for divorce in both October 2013 and June 2015.

Timbaland’s Journey to Musical Stardom

Timbaland began his professional career as a teenager in the 1990s. He began by immersing himself in music and conducting extensive research. He came to America because of his great musical knowledge.

He and a friend released a song together in 1997, then a few years later, he launched his next album, “Indecent Proposal.” Following that, he released another album titled “Pat 2.”

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Timbaland was an extremely good rapper in the 1990s, and he won a lot of prizes for it. He received four Teen Choice Awards, a BET Hip Hop Award, and a Vibe Award during his career. As a result, Timbaland’s professional reputation and achievements have skyrocketed.


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