Woman Hit by Duchess of Edinburgh’s Motorcade D!es

King Charles III’s sister-in-law is making noise when a motorcycle in her motorcade recently hit a woman, who later passed away. Helen Holland passed away on Wednesday, and her family made the announcement.

Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, who is married to Prince Edward, the brother of Charles, said she is “deeply saddened” by the passing.

“The Duchess of Edinburgh is deeply saddened to hear that Helen Holland has passed away,” according to a statement from Buckingham Palace. “Her Royal Highness’s deepest condolences and sympathies go to all of Ms Holland’s family.” See this Twitter post given below:

On May 10, while Sophie was driving in London, a motorcycle in her motorcade struck the 81-year-old. The Duchess was not there for the event, the palace claimed at the time, and neither was the car in which Sophie was a passenger.

Woman Hit by Duchess of Edinburgh's Motorcade D!es

“The Duchess’s heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the injured lady and her family,” the palace said in a statement. “She is grateful for the swift response by the emergency services and will keep abreast of developments. Further comment at this time would not be appropriate while the incident is being investigated.”

Martin Holland, Helen Holland’s son, reported on his mother’s “massive internal injuries” and “multiple broken bones” from the collision to BBC News on Wednesday.

Helen Holland, who was in London visiting her sister at the time of the incident, was put into a coma and passed away on Wednesday due to her injuries, her family announced.

A police investigation into the collision is still ongoing. For the British royal family, the motorcade crash involving Sophie is not a first.

As Prince William and Kate, the Princess of Wales, were being taken from London to Windsor in June 2019, a motorcycle in the procession crashed into a pedestrian.

The 83-year-old pedestrian is said to have lived through the collision. Following a tradition that dictates that royal convoys continue going if they have been in an acc*dent, William and Kate were not made aware of it until they arrived at their destination. This was done for security reasons.

The late Prince Philip, William’s grandfather, was directly engaged in a car acc*dent earlier this year when the Land Rover he was driving collided with another vehicle close to the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

Philip, who d!ed in 2021 at 99, escaped the incident unharmed. The other car’s driver and passenger received medical attention at a nearby hospital before being released.

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