Woody Harrelson Net Worth 2022: How Did He Become A Millionaire?

Woody Harrelson Net Worth: On July 23, 1961, Woodrow Tracy Harrelson was born. Midland, Texas, was where he was born. He is an American actor who has been in many movies that people like. 1985 was a big year in his career. During this time, he was on the NBC comedy show Cheers.

He could have won up to five Emmy Awards for his part in the TV show. In 1989, he was lucky enough to win one of the awards. When he started making movies, he quickly became a well-known actor. The film No Country for Old Men, The Thin Red Line, and Natural Born Killers all have him in them.

Woody Harrelson Early Life & Education

Woody Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas, on July 23, 1961. His parents were Diane Lou and Charles Voyde Harrelson. He has two brothers named Brett and Jordan. When Harrelson was only seven years old, his father was found guilty of killing Federal Judge John H. Wood, Jr., and given a life sentence. Because of this, his mother raised him for most of his life in Lebanon, Ohio, where she was born.

He went to Lebanon High School and finished his schooling there. While studying, he also learned how to carve wood at Kings Island Amusement Park. After he graduated from high school, he moved to Hanover so he could go to Hanover College. He became a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity there. He got his B.A. in theatre and English in 1983.

Woody Harrelson Net Worth
Woody Harrelson’s Net Worth

Woody Harrelson Personal Life

In 1985, Harrelson tied the knot with Nancy Simon in Tijuana. After a while, they decided to split up and got a legal separation.

In 2008, Harrelson married Laura Louie, who worked as his assistant. Together, they like to do things like go on trips and try new sports. There are 3 of them. Deni Harrelson, Zoe Harrelson, and Makani Harrelson are all girls. His private life has always been a secret in the business since he never talks about it.

He played chess occasionally and participated in the 2016 World Chess Championship. He also did Brazilian jiu-jitsu and got a white belt in that. Even though he is religious, he eats only vegan food. Harrelson also has problems with the law. In 1996, he was arrested for putting hemp seeds in the ground to break the law.

In 2002, he was arrested again during a police chase over an incident with a taxi. After he paid $880 to the taxi driver who was hurt in the accident, the case was dropped.

Woody Harrelson Career

He was a bartender in his first movie role. Harrelson was going to be on Cheers, an NBC show that was already very popular. The show was in its fourth season at the time. As soon as he took on the role of Woody Boyd, he was a big hit, and many Cheers fans loved him. Because of how good he was as an actor, he was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards and eventually won one.

Even though he was on Cheers, he still worked on other personal projects. Harrelson was in the play Brooklyn Laundry by James Brooks, which came out in 1991. In “Farthest From the Sun,” he also showed how good he was at writing and directing.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, movies like Wild Cats in 1986, Cool Blue in 1990, L.A. Story in 1990, Doc Hollywood in 1991, and so on. In 1995, he was in the movie Money Train with Jennifer Lopez. In the biopic The People vs Larry Flynt, which came out a year later, he played Larry Flynt.

At first, the movie got terrible reviews, but later, his great work earned him nominations for both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe. Harrelson got more severe movie roles in the years that followed because of how well he did in the biopic.

Some movies that did well enough were Sarajevo (1997), Wag the Dog (1997), and The Thin Red Line (1998). 2007 saw the release of No Country for Old Men. This movie was praised, and it went on to win awards for best picture and best director. Harrelson also won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his part in the movie.

Woody Harrelson’s Net Worth

It is thought that Woody Harrelson has a net worth of more than $90 million. The TV shows on which Woody Harrelson is a star pay him more than $300,000 per episode. Woody Harrelson is an actor and playwright from the United States. Harrelson first became known as the bartender Woody Boyd on the NBC sitcom Cheers, for which he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Woody Harrelson Awards & Achievements

Woody Harrelson is one of the actors with the most experience in the business. In his field, he has had a lot of success. People love him, and some even say he doesn’t age. He has won 14 significant awards. He was up for more than twenty awards. He has won awards not only in Hollywood but also around the world.

Woody Harrelson has won many awards, including the Primetime Emmy Awards, American Comedy Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Star Screen Guild Awards, National Board of Review Awards, and many more.

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