WWE And AEW Rumors (22 December 2022): Deal With Edge, Adam Cole, Cena’s A Draw, Sasha Tracker, And More!

Many pro wrestling fans like speculating about the gossip around the sport, probably second only to watching the contests. This daily piece examines the most recent rumors from the pro wrestling rumor mill.

Please remember that rumors are just that—rumors. All this has only been floating in the pro wrestling rumor mill and has not been verified as reality. We publish a feature called Rumor Look Back every week, where we track rumor veracity. Always remember to treat everything with caution.

Rumors For The Day:

  • Since Edge has competed in 22 matches since the 2020 Royal Rumble, Fightful Select contends that the original Rumor that he signed a three-year contract to return to WWE for five games and 25 more appearances per year is either false or has been updated.
WWE And AEW Rumors (22 December 2022)
WWE And AEW Rumors (22 December 2022)
  • Edge has only made a few appearances since being fired from The Judgement Day since the Hall of Famer is still only available on a few days. The length and number of dates of his current contract are unknown.
  • Dave Meltzer tweeted that Adam Cole is “getting much better.” Still, AEW is cautious with his rehabilitation from a concussion in June and doesn’t have a timeline for his comeback.
  • Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that since John Cena’s match was revealed last week, WWE had sold 4,000 tickets for the SmackDown show next Friday. Is anyone a draw, if that’s what you’re wondering? Like, he is, I guess.
  • Regarding Sasha Banks, PW Insider still tracks her like a local news program would track Santa on Christmas Eve (or @ElonJet, if you prefer). According to the website, she is currently in Japan in preparation for her rumored participation at Wrestle Kingdom 17 in two weeks.
  • An update on the situation involving D-Von Dudley, WWE, and their Tribute to the Extreme event last weekend was posted by Battleground Championship Wrestling: “I now understand that everything that happened with D-Von was a misunderstanding after having multiple chats today. The WWE did not purposefully remove D-Von to harm our show.

Final Lines

Please feel free to mention any other fascinating rumors you may have heard in the comments below. Please regard them as rumors since they have not been verified as reality. And check our weekly Rumor on our website domaintrip.com.

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