Wwe Raw’s Strange Turn In The Miz-Dexter Lumis Storyline

On the “WWE Raw” program on September 12th, WWE elevated The Miz and Dexter Lumis storyline to a new level.

The Miz declined to attend this week’s show at the Moda Center in Portland after being abused and kidnapped twice by Lumis during the previous several weeks. Instead, WWE aired a pre-recorded interview from The Miz’s home.

The Miz and his two kids, Madison and Monroe, began the segment by playing the piano together and spending time as a family. When Maryse entered, she told her husband they had a “big premiere” to go to.

However, hesitantly Miz asked his wife if she felt secure leaving the house, hinting at the danger Lumis represented. Maryse responded by telling Miz that they had a failsafe security system in place, including security guards and video cameras, and that Lumis – even if he wanted to – could never enter their home.

This led to Maryse questioning Miz whether “it’s truly about that freak.” The Miz then concurred with his wife and kissed Maryse. He asked the cameraman never to use the name “Dexter Lumis” throughout their conversation, but he abruptly snapped at the sight of a cameraman wearing shoes inside his home.

The Miz continued by telling the cameraman/interviewer that despite having a police escort him to the arena the week before and hiring “twice the protection” for the venue, none of these precautions were enough to stop Lumis from invading his territory.

The cameraman then asked Lumis what he had done to The Miz after taking him hostage. The Miz shouted that the interview was done and declined to respond to the query. Lumis was spotted peering outside just as The Miz ordered the cameraman to run.

The Miz and his family then climbed into their car and sped off. Lumis presented a caricature of The Miz and his family as the episode came to a close, as can be seen below. The Miz Dexter Lumis Storyline Takes a Bizarre Turn on WWE Raw.

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