WWE’s Tragic Plans For Randy Orton’s ‘Serious’ Injury Comeback!

WWE’s Tragic Plans For Randy Orton: According to The Wrestling Observer, Orton is currently the focus of a lot of attention because of how serious Randy’s injuries are being perceived within WWE. Despite this, new information has emerged on what WWE might have in store for Randy when he eventually makes a comeback to television.

While it is commonly acknowledged that any return will almost definitely occur in 2023 rather than this year, there is still no information on when WWE fans may expect to see Orton back on television.

WrestleVotes revealed in an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport how WWE may bring him back that the original plans called for Randy to turn on Matt Riddle immediately away. The plan was for Randy Orton to recover and turn on Matt Riddle right away when he was injured.

It’s crucial to remember that these strategies were developed around the time of Randy’s accident, which happened not just in May but also when Vince McMahon was still in charge of WWE. You may also check out Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Daughter, Simone.

However, now that he has resigned from his positions as WWE’s CEO and Chairman, Triple H might want to take a different path. Notably, WWE planned for Randy to turn on Riddle as soon as he returned, as opposed to waiting until RK-Bro had healed, as it did during the first few months of 2022.

WWE's Tragic Plans For Randy Orton's 'serious' Injury Comeback!
WWE’s Tragic Plans For Randy Orton’s ‘serious’ Injury Comeback!

WWE’s Plan For Matt Riddle

The WrestleVotes who had previously been brought up in the discussion also touched on Matt Riddle’s present position within WWE. According to WrestleVotes, who also stated that WWE may have thought Orton would be returning by now, the plans WWE had for Riddle may have come apart if they had anticipated Orton’s return by this point.

Maybe they don’t have anything prepared for Riddle at this time because they believed Randy would have returned by now. Following their victory over Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules on October 8, Riddle and Elias have been working together on WWE TV, and they recently faced off against Alpha Academy on Raw.

Final Lines

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