A Car Accident In California Where A Woman Had Been Missing For Two Months Ended In Her Death.

A woman who had been missing for two months in California was found dead in her wrecked car at the base of a cliff on Monday.

Jolissa Fuentes, age 22, has not been seen since August 7th. In the early hours of the morning, she stopped at a gas station after attending a family gathering and visiting her grandmother to retrieve some personal items.

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Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims revealed at a press conference on Tuesday that Selma Police Chief Rudy Alcaraz independently located the crash site where Fuentes was discovered.

Mimms said, “As a religious woman, I believe he was divinely channelled to that area.

Alcaraz speculated that Fuentes may have fallen asleep at the wheel due to fatigue. A single-vehicle crash is what investigators think happened to Fuentes.

The crash is being looked into by the California Highway Patrol at the moment. After the car was discovered, authorities lowered themselves down a rope from a height of 250 feet and then climbed down another cliff to retrieve it.

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Authorities have already searched the area, but rescue teams said they had a hard time navigating the heavily wooded mountains and thick foliage. Jolissa’s father, Joey Fuentes, has expressed gratitude to the public and authorities for continuing the search for his missing daughter.

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