The Aches Face Reveal: Boy in a Girl Gamer’s World!

Aches Face Reveal: Gamers and fans all across the world have long been wondering about the person behind the Aches gaming sensation. This mystery has prompted a search for the famous “Aches face reveal.”

While Aches has become a household name in the gaming community, the true identity of the gaming avatar has been kept hidden.

Let us explore the excitement and fascination surrounding the idea of Aches finally exposing their face to the world as we enter the world of gaming.

Who is Aches?

Aches is a gamer and YouTuber from the United States. On December 2, 2019, the Aches YouTube channel was launched. The channel had over 547,000 subscribers and over 24 million views as of December 2021.

Aches is well-known for his participation in Call of Duty (COD). He won the Call of Duty Championship with complexity gaming in 2014 and again with his current squad in 2018. Aches is one of only five players to have won two or more world titles.

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Aches’ Real Identity Revealed

Aches is well-known for video games and YouTube, so many people want to see what he looks like. Although Aches is a professional player, he hasn’t officially shown his face during his streams, even though a lot of people have asked. The truth is that Aches is not really a girl gamer. It was actually a boy playing a girl.


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From YouTube Stardom to Banned Events

Aches is a famous YouTuber and player from the United States who’s really good at playing Call of Duty. The person behind the Aches YouTube channel is actually called Patrik Price.

He was born on July 18, 1994, and his parents are BJ and Lesa Price. He’s from Sanford, North Carolina, and he finished high school at Southern Lee High School in 2012.

Aches got banned from some gaming events for being mean, and he couldn’t go to some important games in August and July.

Aches Net Worth

Aches is famous for playing Call of Duty games. He won the Call of Duty World Championship in 2014 and again in 2018. He is one of just five players in history to have won two or more major championships.

Aches has won over $400,000 in events as of September 2021. Some believe he has between $5 million and $10 million in the bank.

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