All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained: What Happens in The Show?

Greg Spottiswood is the author of the American television program All rise. On September 23, 2019, it made its debut. Three seasons of this show have been broadcast with great popularity. But following the third season’s tenth episode, the show took a midseason vacation.

The series’ tenth episode included several twists and cliffhangers at the conclusion. Here is a thorough explanation of how All Rise ends.

All Rise Season 3 Recap

The Lola Carmichael character in the show is a recently appointed judge. The television show demonstrates how people manage their personal and work lives. This season explores the private lives of the protagonists and an Instagram star who accused an athlete of assault, a falsely imprisoned person who may be released.

In-depth depictions of Judge Lola’s private life and battles to maintain her position as a judge were featured in this season.

All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained

Lola Carmichael, Robin Taylor, Luke Watkins, and Emily Lopez share a sweet moment in the hall of justice as the season finale opens. Judges Thomas Marshall and Jonas Laski are now vying to succeed Lisa Benner as the presided-over judge.

Collier, Amy’s ex-husband, arrives at the Audubon & Quinn offices as Mark Callan is scheduled to meet Collier. Collier confronts Amy and asks if she has any second thoughts after learning that she hasn’t informed Mark that their divorce papers had been signed. Amy is furious that Mark failed to report her about this meeting.

Lola and her ex-boyfriend Dré were confined to Lola's room throughout the lockdown, forcing them to discuss their tangled relationship and past.
Lola and her ex-boyfriend Dré were confined to Lola’s room throughout the lockdown, forcing them to discuss their tangled relationship and past.

Vanessa learns she was successful on her second attempt at the bar test. Mark and Teddy Biswas are preparing for their first day of testimony in the Brandon Page case. While Emily and Mark reassured Maddy, she insisted on providing Maddy Hernandez with protected custody.

Ness runs across Leo Sykes, a friend of Brandon’s, in the elevator at the Hall of Justice. Andre was representing Page in court. He submitted a motion to suppress all of the information obtained by the search warrant. Andre is dragged to Lola’s chambers after she accepts the action and asks for more time.

He begins doubting her marriage despite her pleas for him to stop attempting to make a name for himself in the courtroom. In the meantime, Brandon’s friend stabs Ness in the stairway. She passes out and leaves a bloody path on the wall. She ultimately knocks her phone down the stairs.

Leo and Amy cross paths as Lola orders Mark to begin the trial immediately. Brandon, according to Andre, never specifically instructed his followers to conduct any crimes. Mark argues that he didn’t have to, though. After Maddie warns Emily that Leo might hurt her, Leo uploads a social media video urging Brandon’s fans to attack the Hall of Justice.

Teddy tries to phone Mark to warn him, but the call goes to voicemail; as a result, Teddy and Sara proceed to the courthouse.

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The supporters of Brandon arrive at the courthouse. Emily is told to shut the door and stay inside. While waiting for Teddy and Sara to arrive, Amy locates Ness and Lola. The group flees Lola’s courthouse before destroying it.

To discuss the “teenage bloodbath,” Robin and the U.S. Attorney met with the Sheriff’s Department. Andre is left alone with Lola, and after they talk about their college breakup, he apologizes.

When Mark could not depart, Amy called to say she was trying to save Ness. When Leo starts shooting up the place, Luke runs into him. He finally locks the elevator door to defend himself.

Leo enters Teddy’s room and attempts to murder Emily. Emily strikes Leo in the head after Luke nevertheless arrives with a weapon. Luke expresses his affection for Emily. When Robin and the U.S. Attorney show up in the Hall of Justice, they control the citation and take Leo into custody.

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Ness is en route to the hospital. Robin informs Mark and Amy. An embrace is exchanged between Mark and Robin before Mark returns to Courtroom 802. Page is now officially the U.S. Attorney’s problem, Mark declares.

Mark cries out for assistance as Sara tends to hurt Teddy lying on the ground. As Robin walks in on them kissing, Andre tries to console Lola. Hulu and Amazon Prime both stream the program.

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