Who Is Amouranth Husband? How Long Has Twitch Streamer Amouranth Been Married?

Amouranth Husband: Amouranth, a well-known Twitch broadcaster and member of the OnlyFans cast, has let the floodgates of her personal life open by admitting that she was subjected to abuse by her spouse.

For many years, the internet celebrity kept her personal life hidden from admirers; it wasn’t until this past weekend that she made all of the details of her relationship public. Amouranth seemed upset on video and divulged a lot of information regarding her risky condition.

Since then, there has been disagreement among fans; while many people and creators have shown support, some have said it was a fake and asked for their money returned for “lying about being single.” However, a lot of people were worried about her and wanted to know who her husband was.

Who Is Amouranth Husband?

Although it was never entirely confirmed, rumors that Amouranth was married in 2018 surfaced. Myles King, a YouTuber, claimed to have a copy of the marriage license as well as other personal information and claimed that Amouranth had been married to Nick Lee since 2015.

Amouranth had previously stated that she would be in danger if her personal information were disclosed to the public. Myles King claims that Nick Lee was a bodybuilder in the past. When they first met, Amouranth told him all about her previous job as a cosplayer for kids’ gatherings in images he shared from years ago.

Amouranth Husband
Amouranth Husband

Amouranth claimed that the screenshots were phony at the time. However, at about the same time, a Twitter account allegedly run by Nick Lee posted a copy of the marriage license along with other sensitive data. Whether or whether Lee owns this Twitter account is still unknown.

Even said, the streaming industry was outraged in 2020 because Amouranth was accused of hiding her reportedly supporting husband to get more male viewers. Before Amouranth’s stirring revelation over the weekend, this was.

Now, the streaming community is viewing the secret marriage in an entirely different light. For now, Amouranth has remained silent on the situation since the live stream but fans have continued to pray for her safety after hearing about her husband’s alleged financial abuse and violent outbursts.

What Are The Allegations?

Amouranth claimed last weekend on her Livestream that her husband had abused them both financially and domestically. The broadcaster claimed on Twitch that she is unable to leave her marriage because her spouse has complete control over her income and other valuable things.

Additionally, it was claimed that he coerced her into joining the stream and threatened to murder her pets if she disobeyed. On that same stream, Amouranth was speaking on the phone with her husband, who shouted and called her a “liar.”

Amouranth has revealed additional claims of domestic and financial abuse by sharing text exchanges between her and her husband. In retaliation for Amouranth not responding to his calls, Lee allegedly threatened to delete her social media accounts and toss away her money.

Since the stream, prominent creators including Jacksepticeye, Lilypichu, and Linus Sebastian have expressed their support for Amouranth. Twitch caster Alinity also called the police to make sure Amouranth was okay.

However, the content lead for Amouranth, “Marz,” claims that she and her husband have told the police that they are “trying to straighten things out” and that there isn’t much we can do at the moment.

Amouranth has disclosed that she has access to all of her accounts and that her dog is secure 24 hours after the stream. She added that because “she was alone” the entire time, the incident was “a lot to digest.”

There haven’t been any recent developments regarding her marriage or their possible future together. The streamer claimed that, for the time being, her position is “quiet,” though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Amouranth live?

Amouranth lives in Houston, Texas.

What is Amouranth hair color?

Amouranth’s natural hair color is brown, but she likes to dye them different colors.

What color eyes does Amouranth have?

Amouranth has beautiful green-colored eyes, and they complement her brown hair.

How old Amouranth is?

Amouranth is 29 years old as of 2022

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