Are Emiru And Miz Dating? Investigating The Rumors And The Evidence

Emiru is a well-known Canadian Twitch broadcaster known for her engaging personality and League of Legends gaming. Her full name is Emiru Kira.

She is active on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, with more than 300,000 followers. Emiru is known for having bright pink hair, which has come to represent her personality.

In addition to playing Fortnite on Twitch, Miz, whose actual name is Matthew Rinaudo, is well-known for his amusing streams. He is active on Twitter and Instagram and has over 600,000 Twitch followers.

Miz is renowned for his amusing comments and capacity to entertain and engage fans.

Are Emiru And Miz Dating?

The Evidence

Based on some information, fans have made assumptions about Emiru and Miz’s possible relationship. Some of the most compelling are as follows:

  1. Social Media Interactions

Emiru and Miz are known to communicate with one another, mainly on Twitter. Fans have begun to believe that there may be more between the two than friendship because they have exchanged tweets and even tagged each other in postings.

  1. Collaborations

Emiru and Miz have participated in several broadcasts where they have played games like League of Legends and Fortnite. They have displayed lively and flirtatious chemistry throughout these streaming, leading many viewers to speculate that they might feel romantically attracted to one another.

  1. Body Language

Some viewers have studied Emiru and Miz’s on-air body language and noticed they appear very at ease with one another. Some fans have theorized that they may have a romantic relationship because they have witnessed them leaning toward one another and making physical contact, such as caressing arms or shoulders.

  1. Comments from Other Streamers

Other Twitch streamers have commented on the friendship between Emiru and Miz, with some hinting that there might be more going on between them than just friendship. For instance, a well-known Twitch broadcaster, Pokimane once made fun of Emiru and Miz during a stream by saying they were “basically dating.”

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Are Mizkif And Emiru Dating?

Despite the facts and rumors, neither Emiru nor Miz has officially admitted they are dating. Some fans have speculated that the two may be keeping things private because they have been quiet about their relationship status.

It’s crucial to remember that when two individuals engage with each other on social media or work together on broadcasts, it doesn’t automatically imply that they are romantically involved.

Emiru and Miz may be merely close friends who enjoy broadcasting together since many Twitch broadcasters have outstanding bonds and hilarious relationships with one another.


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