Are Micah And Paul Dating: Fans Of ‘Love Is Blind’ Want To Know

Are Paul and Micah still dating after season four of Love Is Blind? These two have encountered many challenges throughout their brief courtship, including skeptical friends, opposing viewpoints, and even geographical differences (see more about that Micah, Arizona, issue here).

Does this relationship have the potential to continue forever, even though they both like traveling? Shelby, Micah’s best buddy, will reply with a resounding “no” if you ask her.

On April 16, the fourth season reunion will be broadcast live. Will Paul and Micah still be together or have split up? Here is what we currently know.

Did Paul And Micah Get Married On Love Is Blind?

Because Paul believed they weren’t yet ready, Micah and Paul didn’t get married during season four of Love Are Blind. In front of all of their friends and family, he said “no” at the altar even though he claimed to love her.

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Are Micah And Paul Dating?

Micah and Paul didn’t get married at the end of the program, but until the reunion, we won’t know if they decided to try again. But we perused social media…

A follower recently noticed Micah wearing a ring on her ring finger in a TikTok video. When the fan saw it, they assumed she was married and they commented on the video. However, the Love is Blind competitor claimed, “It’s on my right hand.”

Are Micah And Paul Dating

The admirer remarked, “So that means you guys aren’t together”. The competitors are not permitted to wear wedding bands, whether or not they are married, according to Micah, who subsequently clarified the situation.

We won’t know the status of Micah and Paul’s relationship until their reunion, even if it doesn’t seem likely.

Michael And Paul’s Epic Love Is Blind Journey

The majority of Love Is Blind season four has seen a tumultuous relationship between Micah and Paul. People don’t like how different the couple is if you ask them. The quincunx aspect implies that the couple’s zodiac signs are five signs apart, and birth charts are causing astrologers concern.

According to astrologer Liz Simmons “If anything, their quincunx aspect can either have a, ‘I don’t quite get you, but I think I like you’ vibe or a ‘Where are you coming from?’ energy,”

“This could either make or break Libra and Pisces since these two signs will have to really work together to meet each other in the middle.”

Micah and Kwame’s relationship was a major source of friction. When they were alone at Kwame’s fiancee Chelsea’s birthday party, they flirted once more after getting closer in the pods, leaving with others but talking about improper things by the pool in Mexico.

“I think about you. I worry about you. I’m hoping that you’re happy,” Micah said to Kwame. Paul and Micah from Love Is Blind’s fourth season on their Seattle apartment balcony.

Overall, we do know that Love is Blind was difficult for Micah and her reality show BFF Irina. Irina has been referred to as Micah’s best friend, and Micah has been dubbed the season’s cruel girl. In general, viewers of the show hope that Micah will mature before getting married.

At the end of March 2023, Micah stated in an apologetic letter, “I would like to apologize publicly. An emotional immaturity was shown and I will grow from it. To the viewers, I’ve hurt. I’m sorry I’ve triggered so many of you with my behavior. Seeing that person on the screen would make me feel the same anger.”

Do you believe that Paul and Micah will be partners for a long time? In our comment box, please share your ideas with us.


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