Jackson Browne Illness: Why Did Jackson Browne Melbourne Shows Get Canceled?

Jackson Browne is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and activist who has sold more than 18 million albums in the country.

Midway through the 1960s, when still a young songwriter in Los Angeles, he initially came to prominence for his work on songs for a variety of performers, including Nico, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and the Eagles.

“Take It Easy,” one of his best-known tunes, earned the Eagles’ first Billboard Top 40 success in 1972.

Browne was born on October 9, 1948, in Heidelberg, Germany, to Beatrice Amanda, a native of Minnesota of Norwegian descent, and Clyde Jack Browne, an American serviceman. Browne is well-known for his political activity in addition to his music career.

Jackson Browne Illness

Jackson Browne said that he tested positive for COVID-19 in March 2020. After a few weeks of self-isolation, he experienced little symptoms and recovered.

Jackson Browne Illness

However, in April, Browne experienced a relapse and was compelled to cancel his gigs in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, as a result of an unidentified infection.

Although he was taking antibiotics and resting his voice for three days, his condition did not get better as anticipated.

The concerts should be rescheduled, and Browne advised leaving immediately for Australia. His sickness’ precise nature has not been made public.

Is Jackson Browne Sick?

It’s true that Jackson Browne was unwell and had to cancel his scheduled performances in Sydney and Melbourne. His tour of Australia and New Zealand included performances in Sydney on Friday and Melbourne on Sunday.

Browne said in a statement that he is “very sick” and that, despite taking antibiotics and taking three days off from singing, his recovery has not gone as planned.

He added that he is unsure of the type of virus he has. As a result, he must also cancel the Melbourne performance that was rescheduled.

Browne expressed disappointment and committed to making up the missed performances as soon as possible.

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Although he had already played in Perth on Tuesday, he had moved Melbourne’s performance from Thursday to Sunday.

Why Did Jackson Browne Melbourne Shows Get Canceled?

Due to illness, Jackson Browne had to postpone his performance at Melbourne, Australia’s Margaret Court Arena on April 14, 2023. The new date for the performance is August 16, 2023.

The remaining performances in New Zealand as well as the concerts by Browne slated for April 15 in Sydney will go on as planned. For anyone unable to attend the rescheduled Melbourne concert, refunds are available.

The final date of Browne’s tour of Australia and New Zealand is slated for April 21, 2023. Starting on June 3, 2023, Browne will start touring around the country.

Soon, the dates for the new Melbourne and Sydney performances will be revealed. Fans are instructed by Frontier Touring to hold onto their tickets.


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