Are Zack And Bliss Still Together On ‘Love Is Blind’?

In Season 4 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, Zack and Irina’s situation deteriorated quickly. They split up a few days after becoming engaged in the pods.

Their compatibility had been murky from the start, and Irina had seemed to indicate that Zack wasn’t her type in appearance. She gushed about Paul while rejecting Zack’s approaches in Mexico.

This relationship was doomed to failure. Zack and Irina decided to part ways together.

Are Zack And Bliss Still Together

At the end of Episode 5, a newly single Zack meets up with Bliss, with whom he connected while they were in the pods, to own his mistake and tell her she should have been the one he should have chosen.

Bliss pays attention to what he says, but as the episode stops at that point, we cannot witness how she reacts. Does she consent to give Zack another chance? Do they still have a relationship today? This is what we do know.

Are Zack And Bliss Still Together?

Although it’s unknown whether they’re still together as of this writing, Zack and Bliss become engaged in Season 4 of Love Is Blind. Let’s take a step back, though.

Bliss left the pods and returned to her house in Seattle while Zack and Irina departed on their honeymoon. After they broke up, Zack contacted the producers, who got Bliss.

She was wary about meeting up because of their past; honestly, we don’t blame her!

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Bliss eventually agreed to listen to him out, and they later met up again at a nearby restaurant, where they had their first in-person encounter and connected through their shared disappointment that their relationship had failed. Fortunately, their story continued.

Zack proposed to his girlfriend after they had more time together. Their love story seems to have the ability to last a long time, even if this isn’t how things usually work out on Love Is Blind.

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