Are Michael And Angie Ballard Still Together: Is Their Union Still Intact?

Michael Ballard, a bar owner and enthusiastic rider, is well-known for running the Full Throttle Saloon, a popular bar and entertainment facility.

With a staggering 300,000 biker visitors in just 10 days, this institution is regarded as the biggest motorcycle bar in the country.

A TruTV show that details the Full Throttle Saloon’s operations and shows the difficulties of running such a well-known venue features Michael Ballard and his staff as managers.

Are Michael And Angie Ballard Still Together

Michael Ballard, the star of the reality TV series Full Throttle Saloon, and Angie Carlson, an American businesswoman and reality television celebrity, were married.

Angie Carlson, who was born in 1976, is the marketing director for Full Throttle Saloon in addition to her responsibilities as a YouTuber, a member of the band Full Throttle Rock Stars, and the mother of Emily Grace Lynn, her only child.

Are Michael And Angie Ballard Still Together?

They still live together, yes. Angie knew from the beginning of her relationship with Michael Ballard that she would marry him, which happened a few years later.

In August 2012, in Kansas City, during the Full Throttle Bike Rally, they were married.

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Angie followed her dream of becoming a musician by starting “The Full Throttle Rock Stars” band. She played with them up until 2013, when she and Michael learned that she was expecting their first child.

Angie posted wonderful remarks and photographs of sonograms on social media after learning the happy news. She gave birth to their daughter, Emily Grace Lynn, in April 2014.

The main sources of revenue for Angie are the sales she makes at the tavern and her participation in the reality TV program.

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