Kara Santorelli Cause of Death: How US TikToker Dies In Car Crash?

At 18, TikTok star Kara Santorelli passed away following an automobile accident. After telling her fans she had never been in an accident, the social media celebrity passed away a few days later.

On March 17, the mishap happened in her native state of Florida. According to reports, a motorist struck her after swerving across lanes.

Kara had around 50,000 followers on TikTok and frequently updated her admirers there. Kara acknowledged that she had never been in a collision in one of her final blogs, published a week before the crash.

While speaking to the camera from the driver’s seat of her automobile, she remarked,  “When they try to call me a bad driver but I’ve never hit a person or an actual car.”

The Florida Highway Patrol claims that the car that struck the adolescent was traveling on the wrong side of the road when it hit her. According to reports, the automobile caught fire following the collision and both drivers perished there.

Kara Santorelli cause of death

Following the notification of her passing, fans left condolence words in the video’s comments section.

Although others simply commented, “RIP,” others discussed how the incident occurred quickly after the uploaded video.

In a moving obituary uploaded on Facebook, the star’s aunt expressed her sadness and claimed she was devastated. Posted by Gina Southard: “A little piece of my heart died today when I found out my niece went to heaven. I love your beautiful soul Kara!”

Her mother also published a heartbreaking article: “I love you Kara. God blessed me with you.”

An official from Kara’s former school, Northview High School, commented online: “We hold tight to beautiful memories that she had left with us. Her beautiful smile and kind spirit will continue to be in the hearts of her friends and classmates.”

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GoFundMe Page Launched For Kara Santorelli

After Kara Santorelli passed away, her family started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her funeral. According to the page, Kara had the most charming smile and the kindest personality and was adored by everyone who knew her.

According to information on the profile, she attended Northview High School and would graduate in May of this year. The summary read as follows:

“Kara loved spending time at the beach or on the boat with friends and family. Kara worked at the local restaurant, Jimmy’s Grill, in Molino. She will be greatly missed.”

The page’s goal was to raise $5,000; thus far, donations totaling $22,244 have been made.

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