Are Brittan And James Still Together? Know About Their Relationship After ‘Too Hot to Handle’?

Are Brittan And James Still Together? There was a fair mix of sincere bonds and solely lust-driven impulses in Too Hot to Handle’s the fourth season. Creed comes to mind. Model Brittan Byrd and personal trainer James Pendergrass were a couple that quickly formed in the Turks and Caicos villa.

Although they remained friends throughout the experiment and showed mutual interest in one another, the Hawaii residents did experience some difficulties. James assigned himself the job of cock blocker, trying (and failing) to ensure that no one wasted any of the group’s money while Brittan was down for a good rule break.

He had good intentions, but in his haste to put a stop to rule-breakers, he unwittingly overlooked Brittan, who at last voiced her annoyance during a session involving punching bags. Then she gave James her bed in exchange for the just-arrived, tattooed Ethan.

Though James was slightly offended by Brittan, he also realized how much he liked her and expressed regret for prioritizing the prize money over showing her affection. On their romantic final date, they talked about whether they wanted to continue together.

James’ response to Brittany’s “I’m really into you, and I truly appreciate what we have” was, “There’s only been one person the entire time, and I’m sitting with her right now.” Lana gave them the go-ahead after seeing their romantic exchange, and they exchanged their first kiss.

The two couple seats ultimately go to Kayla and Seb (opens in new tab) and Jawahir and Nick; the couple isn’t among the finalists (opens in new tab). (However, you’d think that having no rule violations would automatically place them. Lana, elaborate!

The last time we saw them, the couple took part in the experiment’s final smooch before departing for their home in Hawaii. Continue reading to find out if Brittan and James are still dating months after the filming.

Are Brittan And James Still Together
Are Brittan And James Still Together

Who Is Brittan Byrd?

Brittan Byrd is a social media influencer and model from the United States. She gained fame after participating in the fourth season of Too Hot To Handle, which debuted on Netflix. She has appeared in numerous brand advertisements and walked the catwalk for multiple fashion houses as a model. Byrd has collaborated with Renew Artists Hawaii, Next Models, and The Face Models.

Who Is James Pendergrass?

On February 18, 1999, James Pendergrass was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He began his career as a model and has since worked for numerous clothing and fitness brands. He appeared to promote both Sweet Enemy Clothing and the activewear-focused clothing line QA ESSENTIALS.

Pendergrass competed in season 4 of the Netflix dating reality series Too Hot To Handle in 2022. He is one of the competitors betting on love and a chance to win $100,000 in the game show. You may also check Is Clarkson In A Relationship? and  Is Kardashian In A Relationship?

Are Brittan And James Still Together?

The couple hasn’t publicly discussed their relationship since the finale aired this week, as the other couples have. They often post to Instagram, follow each other, like each other’s pictures, and remark in flirtatious and often funny ways. Brittan commented with a fire emoji, and the words “Sea no defects” in response to a photo James published two weeks ago with the trainer’s “Sea no evil” message.

They were both present when the ensemble reunited and filmed a promotional piece in London. While James tweeted nice individual shout-outs to Nick, Seb, and Creed, Brittan shared multiple posts with the women(opens in new tab) of season 4.

On his Instagram story, he hinted at writing another personal piece, saying, “And I got one more next week.” We should hear something soon regarding him and Brittan if he isn’t prepared to send Nigel some love! As for TikTok, the couple was the only couple to record clips together, breaking the pattern set by the other season 4 contestants so far.

James’ account has multiple messages that specifically address storylines involving Brittan, one of which he refers to as “false allegations,” the idea that he was never attracted to her. Although it’s important to note that they are the only couple to have posts together after the episodes, he also recruited Nick and Creed for a few positions.

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