ARHA Chooses A Developer To Convert The Ladrey Public Housing Building Into A New, Modern Community!

The Ladrey High Rise public housing complex is being renovated, and the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) has chosen a partner to help. WinnCompanies and IBF Development, a regional developer, focused on local hiring based in Washington, D.C., make up the development team.

Both businesses have a wealth of knowledge in creating high-quality, affordable housing communities locally and nationally. All of the current Ladrey units will be replaced as part of the development plan, which will also enhance the number of apartment houses accessible to working households.

According to Keith Pettigrew, CEO of ARHA, “this is the next significant step in our effort to improve housing and the quality of life for all citizens in our community.” “When finished, the Ladrey High Rise’s apartments will be on par with other cutting-edge housing projects in Alexandria.

We are eager to move these long-term residents into their new residences as soon as possible. The Ladrey is an 11-story, 170-unit high-rise structure in the Old Town North Small Area that predominantly houses seniors and people with disabilities. It occupies a land of around 2 acres.

Ladrey was joined with another ARHA-owned property next door to make room for more new homes. The buildings would be demolished as part of the redevelopment plan, and a contemporary mid-rise building would be built in their place, adding a sizable number of affordable housing units for families that live and work in Alexandria.

Gilbert J. Winn, CEO of WinnCompanies, remarked, “We are thrilled and honored to join ARHA in developing additional housing in this outstanding location. This home will meet the needs of Ladrey’s current residents and Alexandria’s workforce, who need access to high-quality, reasonably priced housing. You may also check our latest post, Oregon Elect An Anti-woke

The site plan, created with significant involvement and feedback from locals, would have features including underground parking, conference, fitness, service rooms, and a communal plaza. Additionally, the concept asks for increased accessibility throughout the newly built neighborhood and rooftop amenity areas for residents.

Kenneth Burton, a power wheelchair user who has lived in Ladrey for 20 years, claims the current structure is not made with him in mind. He expressed his appreciation for locals’ involvement in creating this redevelopment plan. He welcomed the news that he and his neighbors would receive flats with additional accessible features.

Burton added, “It’s good to have a voice in the process because we are the ones who will live here and use the facility daily. Ladrey was supposed to be upgraded and remodeled frequently, but this hasn’t happened yet. However, this time, I think it will. The undertaking carries out CEO Pettigrew’s goal of overhauling, upgrading, and

Since he arrived in 2017, he has been maximizing the potential of ARHA’s properties. The Samuel Madden public housing property will be converted into a mixed-use, mixed-income rental complex with various facilities and enhanced green spaces for residents and the surrounding community, according to a November 2021 announcement by ARHA.

To further its objective of modernizing its housing portfolio, ARHA will put out a new call for development partners in the coming months. This will give ARHA access to a wide range of potential partners who can contribute the same creativity and innovation to the Ladrey property as the Winn/IBF team.

All current occupants of the Ladrey building will be temporarily relocated because it is fully occupied throughout the construction phase. Mr. Pettigrew said, “ARHA and our development partner, Winn/IBF, look forward to working with our city neighbors.

Other partners on submitting concept and preliminary design plans for evaluation and ultimately receive the necessary approvals. Getting permission for the project and leasing these new apartments is expected to take several years.

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