The Oregon Emergency Board Provides $5 Million To Klamath County As One Of Many Payments!

SALEM, OREGON, AND KLAMATH COUNTY — This weekend, a state official from Klamath County claimed that $5 million had been provided to county residents “suffering from failed domestic wells due to drought” in the county.

When the Oregon Emergency Board met on Friday “to pass an emergency funding request to especially benefit Klamath County individuals,” according to Representative E. Werner Reschke, he was able to obtain the emergency cash for Klamath County residents.

The request was approved unanimously and followed Reschke’s $4 million grant for the same reason from the previous year. The additional funds, according to Reschke, “would aid those in Klamath County who were unable to receive financial assistance during the first half of 2022.”

Rep. Reschke of Oregon is now spending his third term in office. He is one of the ten state senators and ten representatives of the Oregon Emergency Board. At least 94 issues were up for discussion by the Emergency Board on Friday to approve agency budget requests to satisfy Oregon’s needs.

As stated in the statement, “Funding granted… will go towards crucial projects in childcare, food assistance, and statewide broadband deployment, in addition to large investments towards the increasing immediate hospital and health care capacity.”

More than $35 million will be allocated by the Emergency Board to address the staffing and bed shortages in hospitals, and $9 million will support childcare or early learning facilities that are situated next to affordable housing. You may also read other trending news,  Oregon State Police.

It reads: “These new tools are a follow-up to a report that Oregon Housing and Community Services delivered to the legislature in February 2022. To fulfill growing demand, the analysis estimates that Oregon would require 30,000 extra daycare spaces and 600,000 new housing units over the next 20 years.”

The Oregon Food Bank estimates that this $5 million allocation will support purchasing 5 million pounds of food needed to maintain adequate emergency food supplies until June 2023. The Emergency Board reports that it allocated an additional $5 million to provide statewide emergency food assistance in response to rising food costs.

The Emergency Board notes that, following a 2020 report from the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council, more than 200,000 Oregonians are either underserved, unserved, or unconnected from broadband. The board authorized the Oregon Business Development Department to submit grant applications for federal funding totaling $5.7 million to support statewide broadband deployment.

The board also approved the Department establishing eight full-time broadband positions, subject to federal funding.” Broadband connectivity is vital to the economic and general wellness of our rural communities, especially in districts like my own,” says Ashland state senator Jeff Golden.

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