Arkansas Boy,6, Found Dead Under Floor In Mother’s Home!

Arkansas Boy Found Dead Under Floor In Mother’s Home: The mother and her boyfriend were arrested when the body of a six-year-old kid who had been abused was discovered beneath the hallway of his mother’s house in Arkansas. The boy’s bones were buried beneath a floor in Moro residence, about 75 miles east of Little Rock, on Friday night, according to the state police.

Special agents were called there by Lee County deputies, according to state police. The youngster may have been deceased for three months, according to the police. In a news release, the Arkansas Department of Public Safety stated, “based on initial findings, and it’s likely the youngster died from injuries sustained in residence, potentially three months ago.”

The state medical examiner will determine the method and cause of death. According to authorities, a six-year-old girl was also discovered inside the house, and they think she had scalp burns. She was sent to a hospital in Memphis and is doing well. State police detained Nathan Bridges, 33, and Ashley Roland, 28, the mother of the kids.

Arkansas Boy,6, Found Dead Under Floor In Mother's Home
Arkansas Boy,6, Found Dead Under Floor In Mother’s Home

Both of them are accused of murder in the first degree, mistreating a corpse, tampering with physical evidence, and endangering the welfare of a youngster. Bridges is said to be Roland’s romantic interest. What led to the discovery is unknown.

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According to a GoFundMe website set up by a friend, the children’s grandmother had been trying to get custody for more than a year. Anita Widby said on the campaign that the grandmother was granted weekend access to the kids last week after going through the correct processes and shelling out a “ridiculous amount of money.”

On Friday, when she went to pick up her grandkids, she was informed that the girl could not walk and that the boy was at a friend’s house. After assessing the girl’s health, the grandma immediately brought her to the hospital.

The child’s hair had been cut off, and she was underweight, had cracked ribs, and had numerous burns on her body that were still healing in various stages. According to Widby, her mother and the mother’s boyfriend are likely to blame for these wounds. The grandmother learned that her grandson’s body had been discovered later that day by the police.

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