Arnold Schwarzenegger Girlfriend: The Astonishing Occupation of Arnold’s 74-Year-Old Partner!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a bodybuilding icon, actor, and former governor of California, has been in the news often throughout his life. His ex-wife, Maria Shriver, was a well-known journalist, author, and Kennedy family member.

Schwarzenegger is presently seeing Heather Milligan. When the media saw them together in Santa Monica in 2013, they made their connection known to the public. The couple has now been together for nine years without a break.

Who Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Girlfriend?

Heather Milligan, the girlfriend of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a physical therapist by trade. She treats professional players for their sports injuries through her own business, Elite Ortho Sport.

According to reports, Heather Milligan served as Health South’s vice president in 2006. She afterward transferred to Select Medical to work in operations in the same capacity. She worked in this position for around five years until launching Elite Ortho Sport in 2013.

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Since one of the contestants in the Arnold Strongman Classic was a customer of Milligan’s, she also participated as a physical therapist. The projected range of Milligan’s total wealth is $1 million to $5 million.

In contrast, Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, Maria Shriver has a massive $200 million net worth. She has additional money because of the belongings she acquired from the Kennedy family. Shriver gained up to $200 million from the divorce settlement after her split from Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Girlfriend

There was a Public Divorce of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger first met when they were introduced at the Robert F. Kennedy Tennis Tournament in August of 1977. Finally getting married in 1986, the couple had four kids together. After a 25-year marriage, the couple later announced their split in 2011.

Later, Schwarzenegger acknowledged he had fathered a child with Mildred Patricia Baena, the family maid. Ten years after their separation, in December 2021, they reached a divorce settlement. In the same year Schwarzenegger and Milligan made their relationship public, Shriver began d@ting Matthew Dowd.

Recently, David Senra shared a Tweet related to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend:

Formerly employed by Schwarzenegger’s reelection campaign, Dowd was a political adviser and strategist. The former bodybuilder is currently the father of five children and two grandchildren. The second daughter of his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger, who is wed to actor Chris Pratt, was born on May 21.

Despite d@ting for almost a decade, Schwarzenegger and Milligan haven’t indicated wanting to wed. They enjoy their time together and are frequently spotted on dates.

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