Biden To Reportedly Announce Re-election Campaign Next Week!

According to numerous sources, President Biden is anticipated to formally declare the start of his re-election campaign next week.

According to the Washington Post, the 80-year-old president and his team are concluding preparations to make a video statement on April 25 – the four-year anniversary of the beginning of his victorious 2020 campaign.

However, the outlet also stated that the kickoff might be postponed much longer, citing sources with knowledge of Biden’s preparations.

If he is re-elected and vacates the presidency in January 2029 as planned, Biden—currently the oldest president in US history—would be 86.

The president has long declared his intention to seek reelection, and first lady Jill Biden confirmed her husband’s intentions in February.

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The first lady and White House aides Anita Dunn, Mike Donilon, and Jen O’Malley Dillon reportedly started putting together for her husband’s bid in September of last year.

According to reports, Biden’s inner circle has been debating when to make the announcement of his bid for president in 2024.

Biden To Reportedly Announce Re-election Campaign Next Week

According to advisers and close supporters who spoke with Axios earlier this month, the president isn’t expected to officially declare his candidacy until this summer. Some of his staff may be trying to delay the announcement until after the beginning of the third political fundraising quarter on July 1.

It was predicted around the end of last year that Biden would make his announcement soon after the beginning of 2023.

If Biden’s campaign begins next week, he will have over two months to collect post-announcement contributions as the second political fundraising quarter closes on June 30.

In the unlikely event, Biden seeks the Democratic nomination in 2024, anti-vaxxers Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and self-help guru Marianne Williamson have both announced their candidacy campaigns.

The possibility of a 2020 rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump exists. Trump declared his third consecutive run for the White House on November 15.

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