Brian Cox Wife: Cox’s Wife Makes Memorable Cameo in Succession!

Succession’s fourth and final season has managed to smuggle in a crossover with Brian Cox’s real life in the penultimate episode.

The revered HBO series produced by Jesse Armstrong’s episode 9 (“Church and State”) offered the late Logan Roy (Cox) a dignified send-off. Fans noticed Cox’s wife of more than 20 years, Nicole Ansari-Cox, among the attendees among Logan’s multiple ex-wives and side businesses.

Ansari, who has additionally appeared on Law & Order, portrayed Sally-Ann, who Lady Caroline (Harriet Walter) introduced as her own Kerry. Cox announced earlier this year that he and his wife have decided to have a Vegas wedding to renew their vows.

Brian Cox Wife

“We’d actually been apart for a while — she’d been traveling — and then we sat down and we said, ‘Where do we go from here? Do we finish or do we go on?'” On Live with Ryan and Kelly, the actor asked.

“And we thought, ‘Well let’s go on and get married.'”  Alexandra shared on Twitter.

Following the conclusion of Succession, Cox will next be seen in the Russo brothers’ upcoming Netflix film The Electric State.

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He joins a group that includes Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ke Huy Quan, Jenny Slate, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, Giancarlo Esposito, Anthony Mackie, and Billy Bob Thornton, among many more.

In addition, Cox will voice characters in the 2024 animated film The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim and the horror-comedy The Parenting.

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