Nicole Kidman Husband: The Remarkable Love Story of Nicole Kidman And Her Husband

The fact that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been together for so long demonstrates that their relationship can endure. The couple has one of the longest-running relationships in Hollywood because they have been together for almost twenty years.

Even though they are both from Australia, the couple didn’t get together until they were on the opposite side of the world!

At first look, the Academy Award–winning actress and the country music superstar might not appear to be the ideal pairing. Even Urban need some persuasion before he agreed to go through with it. There is no question that their love is genuine now that they have been together for so long and are still going strong.

The Meeting Of Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman

At a celebration of Australians held in Los Angeles in January 2005 called the G’Day USA Gala, Nicole Kidman, and Keith Urban had their first encounter with one another. While the actress fell in love with the idea the moment she laid eyes on Urban, he need more time to get excited about it.

Nicole Kidman Husband

During her visit to Ellen in 2017, Kidman reflected on the following: “I remember thinking, I had such a crush on him, and he wasn’t interested in me. It’s true! He didn’t call me for four months.”

JustJared shared a tweet on Mar 13, 2023, in which Keith Urban Nicole Kidman sees on the red carpet.

In 2018, Urban appeared on the Australian chat show Interview, where he shared his perspective. “Somebody had given me her number and I had it in my pocket for a while. I kept looking at it thinking, ‘If I call this number, she’s going to answer. I don’t know what [to] say.’ I wasn’t in a very healthy place in my life … I’d never have thought she’d see anything in a guy like me. But, at some point, I plucked up the courage to [dial] those numbers and she answered, and we started talking. And we talked and talked and talked and talked, and it was effortless.”

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How Long Has Nicole Kidman Been With Keith Urban?

The year 2005 was also the year that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban began their relationship with one another. That indicates they will have been together for 18 years as of 2023. That’s practically ancient in the world of show business!

When Did Nicole Kidman Marry Keith Urban?

In June of 2006, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wed in a ceremony in their respective home countries of Australia and the United States. The summer of 2022 marked the couple’s 16th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated together.

Are Keith And Nicole’s Parents?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the parents of two daughters, Sunday and Faith, their biological children. Before their divorce, Kidman and her now ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted two children, Isabella and Connor, during their time together as a married couple.


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