Iam Tongi Family: Let’s See What ‘American Idol’ Winner Iam Says About His Family!

Iam Tongi is savoring the affection. Tongi, an 18-year-old, was named the season 21 American Idol on Sunday night. After the show, he spoke candidly about his emotions following a hectic season with PEOPLE.

He responded in typical Tongi form when asked how he intended to celebrate, saying he was going to have “a couple drinks.”

“No, I’m just kidding,” said PEOPLE. “What I’m gonna do when I celebrate is I’m gonna go home and just spend time with my family.”

Tongi has often demonstrated this season how important his family is to him. His mother saw every performance in the crowd, and when he returned to Kahuku, Oahu, he was warmly welcomed by his classmates.

Iam Tongi Family

“It’s crazy, all my Polynesian people out there just… they’re always supporting, and when they come, they show out,” he exclaimed. “They just cheer for everyone. Honestly, they cheer for everyone. They don’t only cheer for me. My brother voted for Zachariah [Smith]!”

Megan Danielle, who finished second place, and Colin Stough were Tongi’s opponents on Sunday night. Even though they were all focused on winning this season, Tongi made friends with each of them.

“Honestly, if it wasn’t for these guys and all my family and our friends, I would… I don’t know if I would stay humble because these guys taught me every day that I’m useless — I’m just kidding,” he said with a laugh. “Honestly, we laugh a lot.”

When Tongi sang the song “Monsters” as a tribute to his father, who passed away months before his audition, the judges were moved to tears.

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“I was not worried about whether you were going to make it through the song, I was worried about whether we were going to make it through the song. Your daddy is very proud,” Lionel Richie, the judge at the time, remarked, “What a fantastic song to pick. You’re making these grown men cry.”

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“I cannot handle your heartbreaking about your dad because my nephew lost his dad, and he came to live with me, and just seeing you missing your dad sucks. Gosh, man, you’ve got a great voice. You did everything perfectly and I love you and want to see you have fun,” Luke Bryan stated.

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