Machine Gun Kelly Shares a Beautiful Family Moment on Instagram!

Machine Gun Kelly may be a rapper, singer, and actor, but his role as a father is much more significant. Casie Colson Baker, 13, is the daughter of MGK and her ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon. Casie, born in 2009, has a tight relationship with her well-known father, both in and out of the media.

She has shared many red carpet moments with him and has appeared on his albums. The “Emo Girl” rapper has even admitted that he has more faith in Casie’s musical intuition than in his own.

The musician is quite forthright about sharing his love for his daughter and opens out about his personal life, including his public engagement with Megan Fox. In July 2022, Casie turned 13 and MGK sent her heartfelt greetings on Instagram. (now this post has been deleted)

“You’re officially a teenager today. Happy 13th birthday, my love,” he captioned photos of her holding a cake that said, “OMG YOU’RE A TEENAGER.” Here is all there is to know about Casie Colson Baker, the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly.

How old is Machine Gun Kelly’s Daughter?

On July 24, 2009, Casie Colson Baker was conceived. Kelly’s daughter has joined him at gatherings and award shows like the American Music Awards in 2021, even though he prefers to keep her mainly out of the spotlight. In all-black outfits, they were spotted together on the red carpet.

Machine Gun Kelly Daughter

All About Machine Gun Kelly’s Family and Daughter

The holiday season was enjoyed by Machine Gun Kelly and two of his emo ladies. The singer of “Bloody Valentine” posted a photo of his mother and Casie Colson Baker, 13, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon.

Casie, Machine Gun Kelly, and his mother smiled sweetly in a photo shared to his Instagram on December 27 at what seemed to be the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party.

MGK wore a cheetah-print top and leopard-print slacks for the occasion. His mother wore a floral dress, and Casie wore a black outfit with a red pocketbook as an accessory.

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Fans expressed their affection in the comment section after noticing the family photo. Someone commented, “The photo of you with your mom and Casie…our hearts have melted.”

And MGK gave us other glimpses into his life as well. The family photo comes six months after MGK took to his social media with a post featuring his mother for a different reason.

The Instagram carousel also included a picture of him and his mom holding drinks together in front of a Christmas tree, sporting some holiday-themed aprons, and performing his own version of “Frosty the Snowman.” The artist wanted to expose her to his fan following when they first reconnected.

“Introducing… my mom,” he said in the caption of the June Instagram photo of them sitting on the floor together. Machine Gun Kelly has previously talked about his connection with his mother, which he claimed was formerly tense. She left his life when he was nine years old, claims MGK.


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It appears that the challenging experience inspired some of the lyrics for his song “Burning Memories,” in which he raps, “Yeah, this one’s for the mama that I never knew (Never knew)/I took acid just to burn all of my memories of you.”

While there have been hints of their repaired relationship, MGK claimed in June that his fanbase helped him and his mother mend fences.

“wild story but after all these years, the fans are responsible for me and my mom finally reconnecting,” he wrote on Twitter. “i love you.”

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