Carlos Parra Funeral: Los Parras Valley Singer Receives Pre-Funeral Honor

PHOENIX — Even after Carlos Parra’s passing, his beautiful voice continues to bring people together.

The songs he played to serenade tens of thousands of people now reflect a life lost too soon.

Just makes my heart hurt. One of his supporters said, “I was a really big fan,” to 12News on Wednesday evening at a public viewing where the casket containing his body was positioned in the middle and was decorated with flowers.

The 12 News posted a Tweet that Valley band Carlos Parra the lead singer was killed in a car crash.

Before Parra’s burial services on Thursday, his friends, family, and admirers came to pay tribute to his memory.

The 26-year-old’s band, “Los Parras,” which he and his two brothers founded in their teens, included him as the lead vocalist.

Parra was slain on Saturday while traveling to his hometown of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, with his family to celebrate the birthday of Parra’s eldest brother.

Carlos Parra Funeral

The automobile hit a pothole while he was in the backseat, losing a tire and rolling over numerous times. Parra was thrown out and passed away immediately.

“It’s a tragedy to see a young kid with such big dreams get cut short,” said Cesar Sanchez. “There are no words to describe this. It’s unfortunate.”

According to Sanchez, Parra’s math teacher in junior high was him. He recalled being a little child who enjoyed singing and listening to music.

“I remember him doing a talent show at our junior high and he would always tell me, ‘Mr. Sanchez, you know what, one day, one day, I’ll make it big,” he said.

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Jaziel Camarillo recalled hearing Parra and his sibling perform over lunch while attending North High School.

“They used to play in the ramada and just the joy they brought to everybody was just amazing,” the former classmate said. “We’ll always remember him for being joyful, for being happy, and for making sure everyone had a great time.”

Parra is now renowned for his inner self as well as his talents.

“He’s always going to be here, no matter what,” the fan said. “God only knows why things happen.”

Thursday’s funeral services for the 26-year-old will be held at Holy Cross Cemetery, located at 9925 West Thomas Road in Avondale.

At 1:30 pm, the mass and burial are scheduled to start. The whole population is welcome.

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