From Dreamhouse To The Open Road: Forza Horizon 5 Leak Teases Barbie Crossover

Over the past few weeks, the Forza franchise has been very active. Microsoft first announced the Forza Motorsport reboot’s October 10 release date, and then Forza Horizon 5 opened its Upgrade Heroes event, which features new objectives, cars, and other goodies.

The future may bring more for FH5 players than just the crossover with Donut Media. Before the July 21 release of the film, a fresh leak suggests that Forza Horizon 5 will feature a crossover with Barbie.

Insider Gaming discovered the leak, and it comes from racing YouTuber Don Joewon Song, who concentrates on Forza Horizon 5 for his channel.

Thanks to a menu glitch, Song discovered that the Playground Games team had introduced Barbie-branded versions of the EV Corvette and EV Hummer Truck to the backend. These automobiles are not currently available, but they appear to exist in the game’s files unless this is a sophisticated scam.

Forza Horizon 5 Leak Teases Barbie Crossover

Although the collaboration between Forza Horizon 5 and Barbie may initially seem strange, it is not that shocking. After all, the Forza series has already collaborated with many assets.

Lego and Hot Wheels have garnered the most attention, but they’ve also collaborated with James Bond, Halo, and Fallout.

Don Joewon Song shared a tweet about the Forza Horizon 5:

Given that the Corvette of the title character has been featured in the Barbie line for many years, it is not surprising to see it appear in Forza, especially if its release coincides with the film’s opening weekend.

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The price of the final Barbie crossover bundle will be essential to monitor. With Forza Motorsport soon to arrive and Forza Horizon 5 just released a free update and a premium Car Pack, asking gamers to fork up yet another sum of money for what is essentially a novelty may seem excessive.

It’s encouraging to see that Playground Game still supports Forza Horizon 5. Since it has been out for a while and the development team is also working on Fable, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see them slow down at this point.

Instead, the game appears to be as vibrant as ever, though we predict that the introduction of Motorsport will force them to pump the breaks in a few months.

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