Chaka Khan Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Has Khan Made In Her Career?

Chaka Khan Net Worth: American recording artist Chaka Khan, widely referred to as the Queen of Funk, is well-known worldwide. She has earned ten Grammy Awards in all during her career, which has lasted more than five decades.

Additionally, Billboard magazine ranked her as the 65th-most successful dance performer of all time. She was raised in Chicago, Illinois, and was first exposed to jazz by her grandmother. She played in several bands at the beginning of her career.

Later, she became a member of the Rufus group. She and the band jointly published her debut album when she was twenty. A year later, the trio received their first Grammy honor. A few years later, she published her first self-titled album and made her solo debut.

Over the years, she went on to create several other albums, including “Echoes of an Era,” “The Woman I Am,” and “Funk This.” She has become known for her charity endeavors in addition to her contributions to music.

She started the Chaka Khan Foundation to aid autistic people and kids from low-income homes. Khan occasionally works as an actress. Sister Carrie was her character in the musical “Mama, I Want to Sing.”

Chaka Khan Early Life

On March 23, 1953, Yvette Marie Stevens was born. She grew up in a creative, free-spirited home in Chicago, Illinois. She is the oldest of Charles Stevens and Sandra Coleman’s five children, both beatniks.

Early in her infancy, Khan developed a love for rhythm and blues music, and when she was eleven, The Crystalettes, a girl group, was born. After becoming friends with activist and fellow Chicagoan Fred Hampton in 1967, Khan participated in several civil rights marches while still a teen and later joined the Black Panther Party.

At the age of 13, a Yoruba Baba gave her the name Chaka Adunne Aduffe Hodarhi Karifi. Khan abandoned the Black Panthers and his high school studies in 1969. She began giving small-group performances around Chicago. You may also check our trending articles like Nia Long and Jemele Hill.

Chaka Khan’s Personal Life

When she was 17 years old, Khan married Hassan Khan. A short while afterward, the marriage was dissolved in divorce. Rahsaan Morris and Khan have a daughter together, Indira Millini. In 1976, Khan wed Richard Holland.

Damien Holland, a son they share, was born to them. In 1980, Richard filed for divorce. At the height of her solo success in the middle of the 1980s, Khan dated a Chicago schoolteacher. Khan traveled to London after their breakup and later resided in Germany.

Khan battled alcoholism and drug addiction in the past, but she stopped using drugs in the early 1990s. Following the shooting death of 17-year-old Christopher Bailey in 2006, her son Damien was charged with murder. Holland asserted that the gunshot was an accident while Khan testified on behalf of her son. The criminal trial resulted in his acquittal.

Chaka Khan Career

As the frontwoman and main point of the band Rufus, known for their potent R&B and funk sound, she burst onto the music scene for the first time in the 1970s. Ike Turner was drawn to the trio and flew them to Los Angeles to record at his studio.

Khan refused Turner’s request to become an Ikette so that they could collaborate. The band’s debut self-titled album, which came out in 1973, featured the songs “Whoever’s Thrilling You” and “Feel Good.” One year later, their subsequent album, “Rags to Rufus,” was published and quickly became a commercial and critical success.

Chaka Khan Net Worth
Chaka Khan’s Net Worth

The smash song “Tell Me Something Good,” which sold more than a million copies, was written for them by Stevie Wonder that same year. Rufus later won a Grammy in 1974 for the song Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group, or Chorus.

They maintained their success throughout the rest of the decade, earning no fewer than eight platinum records. Khan was the center of attention during live performances of the band as a result of her vibrant stage outfit and strong voice.

But despite their success, Khan decided to disband the group and go solo in 1978. With the disco hit single, “I’m Every Woman,” which peaked at number one and later became Khan’s signature tune, Chaka’s debut solo album became a worldwide sensation.

The song contributed to the album’s platinum status and it’s over a million-copy sales. Khan appeared in the 1978 hit song “Stuff Like That” by Quincy Jones. Khan and Tony Maiden collaborated on the popular song “Do You Love What You Feel” the next year, reuniting with Rufus.

In 1980, Khan released “Naughty,” her second solo album, which included the songs “Clouds” and “Papillon.” Khan recorded two albums in 1981: “What Cha Gunna Do for Me,” a gold-certified solo album, and one with Rufus.

The following year, Khan released two additional solo albums, and the jazz standard “Be Bop Medley” earned him a Grammy. “I Feel for You,” Khan’s sixth studio album, was released in 1984. The first hit, the title track, was composed and initially recorded by Prince in 1979.

It helped make Khan a household name and was a million-selling smash success in the US and the UK. The song spent 26 weeks at the top of the US R&B charts. Prince won the 1985 Grammy for Best R&B Song for it. “This is My Night” and “Through the Fire” were two additional singles from the album that contributed to its platinum status.

On Steve Winwood’s 1986 No. 1 smash “Higher Love,” Khan appeared. When Khan remixed “Life is a Dance,” which peaked at number one on the British albums chart, she gained a sizable following in the United Kingdom. She consequently started giving several performances in the UK.

Khan’s popularity peaked in the middle of the 1980s, but the 1990s saw a sharp fall in it. She joined Prince’s NPG Records in 1998, released “Come 2 My House,” and later toured as a co-headlining act with Prince.

With the Grammy-winning album “Funk This,” Khan made a comeback in 2007 as an older, wiser, but no less soulful performer. The album included the singles “Angel” and “Disrespectful,” a duet with Mary J. Blige.

The song earned the singers a Grammy and eventually peaked at number one on the American dance singles chart. The Grammy for Best R&B Album went to “Funk This.” The song “Sign o’ the Times,” by Prince, was covered on the album.

Since then, she has rekindled her career and solidified her place among the most unique and enduring voices in the annals of soul music. Khan took part in the Broadway production of “The Color Purple” in 2008. She didn’t release her thirteenth solo album, “Hello Happiness,” until 2019, as a follow-up to “Funk This.”

Chaka Khan’s Net Worth

American singer-songwriter Chaka Khan has a $30 million fortune. The “Queen of Funk-Soul” is a term that Chaka Khan is frequently referred to. Khan has received ten Grammy Awards during his four-decade career.

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