Darius Rucker Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Has Rucker Made In His Career?

Darius Rucker Net Worth: A well-known American singer, songwriter, and musician Darius Carlos Rucker. He not only started the Grammy Award-winning rock group Hootie & the Blowfish but also served as both its lead guitarist and vocalist for a while.

With the band, Rucker has published several studio albums, and several of their songs have reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Following the publication of their album “Cracked Rear View,” the trio first gained notoriety.

Their biggest songs include the multi-million-selling singles “Hold My Hand,” “Let Her Cry,” and “I Only Want to Be with You.” Both of their albums, “Fairweather Johnson” and “Musical Chair,” were huge successes. Rucker decided to launch a solo career after having a fruitful career with his band.

Back Then, his debut solo album was released. It reached its peak on the US Billboard 200 at position 127. After almost ten years, he finally published the single “Wagon Wheel,” which went on to become one of his best pieces of art. He received the Grammy Award for “Best Country Solo Performance” for it as well as topped many charts.

Darius Rucker Early Life

On May 13, 1966, in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, Darius Rucker was born. His mother Carolyn reared him, his three sisters, and his two brothers. He claimed he only saw his father on Sundays before church and it wasn’t often.

His father was a member of the Rolling Stones, a gospel group. Despite growing up in poverty, he had a good upbringing. You may also check our trending articles like Nia Long and Jemele Hill.

Darius Rucker’s Personal Life

In 2000, Darius Rucker wed Beth Leonard. The pair has three children and a happy marriage. Their second daughter Danielle Rose was born in 2001, while their first daughter Carolyn Pearl Phillips was born in April 1995. In 2005, they welcomed a son, Jack.

Darius Rucker Career

A Career With Hootie & The Blowfish

In 1986, Darius Rucker and his college mates Mark Bryan, Dean Felber, and Jim Sonefeld founded the band “Hootie & the Blowfish,” which is where he began his musical career. During their first year at the University of South Carolina, they became friends.

A few years later, they issued two Extended Play cassette demos. In 1993, they issued their debut EP, “Kootchypop.” They were signed to Atlantic Records shortly after that. In 1994, they released their self-titled debut album.

Darius Rucker Net Worth
Darius Rucker’s Net Worth

One of their best-selling albums to date, the record-breaking album was released in a matter of weeks. Additionally, it had the highest album sales in 1995. It appeared on numerous charts and occupied the top spot on the Billboard 200.

The group, which was also well-received by critics, took home two Grammy Awards: one for “Best New Artist” and another for “Let Her Cry.” In 1996, the group issued “Fairweather Johnson,” its second album.

Despite not performing as well as their previous album, this one topped the Billboard US 200 list and reached the top 10 in several other nations, including Canada and the UK. The album’s lead single, “Old Man & Me,” is widely recognized as its biggest hit.

It reached its peak on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 13. Rucker decided to concentrate on advancing his solo career after the group’s third album, “Musical Chairs,” was released and had an average amount of success.

Single Career

Back to Then, Darius Rucker’s debut solo album was released in 2002. It didn’t have much of a following, but it did make it onto the Billboard 200 list at number 127. He released his second solo album, “Learn to Live,” six years later. It reached its highest point at number five on the US Billboard 200.

It was enormously successful commercially and continues to be his best-selling solo album to date. Over the ensuing years, Rucker continued his solo career and published several other albums, including “Charleston, SC 1966” (2010), “True Believers” (2013), “Home for the Holidays” (2014), “Southern Style” (2015), and “When Was the Last Time” (2017). Additionally, he was featured on Sister Hazel’s 2016 album “Lighter in the Darker.”

Other Work

In 2016, Rucker joined MCG Sports as a partner. This organization handles well-known players like Steve Stricker and Kenny Perry. Athletes and coaches from various sports are also represented by the organization. According to Darius, his prior experience in the entertainment sector will provide him with a competitive edge in the sports agency market.

Darius Rucker’s Net Worth

American musician Darius Rucker has a wealth of $12 million. While Hootie & the Blowfish’s lead guitarist and singer initially brought him popularity, Rucker later found success as a solo musician. Darius received the New Artist Award from the Country Music Association as a result of his solo recordings. Darius Rucker is well-known for his activism and philanthropy outside of the music industry.

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