Clarissa Saunders Cause of Death: What Happened to Raven Saunders Mother?

Clarissa Saunders’ the mother of Raven Saunders, the Olympic shot putter, passed away just a few days after her daughter won a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The news was confirmed by Raven’s longtime coach and father figure, Herbert Johnson. Clarissa died two days after witnessing her daughter’s success at the Summer Games on Tuesday.

What Happened to Raven Saunders Mother?
What Happened to Raven Saunders Mother?

Clarissa Saunders Cause of Death

The cause of Clarissa Saunders’ death is currently not known. Clarissa passed away in Orlando, where she was attending Tokyo 2020 watch parties for the families of Team USA athletes. Her daughter, Raven, had won a silver medal in shot put.

Raven shared on Twitter that her mom was a wonderful woman, her guardian angel, and that she will always love her. USA Track and Field and the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee also expressed condolences to Raven and her family, acknowledging Clarissa’s incredible legacy through her daughter.

After winning the silver medal, Raven raised her arms in an “X” shape on the Olympic stand. When asked about it, she explained that it represents the intersection where all oppressed people meet.

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What Happened to Raven Saunders’ Mom?

Raven Saunders’ mom, Clarissa Saunders, passed away, but the cause of her death is not known. Raven and her mom were very close, as seen on Raven’s social media.

Clarissa attended Burke High and lived in Charleston, South Carolina, according to her Facebook page. While her job wasn’t clear from her social media, it mentioned that she was in a relationship.

Clarissa was a strong supporter of Raven’s Olympic dream and even started a GoFundMe page to help her daughter. In a post, she mentioned being a “single parent of modest means.” Raven’s longtime coach on Facebook confirmed Clarissa’s death.


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