Amanda Aldridge Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge, known as Amanda Aldridge, a British singer and teacher who created love songs and other musical pieces, passed away on March 9, 1956. People are curious about how she died, and in this article, you’ll find details about her passing and her life.

Amanda Aldridge Cause of Death

Amanda Aldridge was born on March 10, 1866, and she passed away on March 9, 1956, just a day before her 90th birthday. She died in London after a brief illness.

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Amanda Aldridge was born in 1866 in Upper Norwood and lived until age 89:

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How Did Amanda Aldridge Become Famous?

Amanda Aldridge, born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London, became known for her talents through her family background. Her father, Ira Frederick Aldridge, was a well-known African-American actor.

Amanda learned singing at the Royal College of Music in London and studied under notable instructors. After finishing school, she worked as a concert singer, piano accompanist, and voice coach.

How Did Amanda Aldridge Become Famous?
How Did Amanda Aldridge Become Famous?

Amanda gained fame teaching music, and some of her students included children from active Black middle-class families in London. Notable figures like Roland Hayes, Lawrence Benjamin Brown, Marian Anderson, and Paul Robeson were among her famous students.

Amanda Aldridge also played a significant role in the arts community, helping aspiring talents and making her mark as a teacher. She even appeared on TV at the age of 88 in 1974, showcasing her enduring passion for music. Her journey in the world of music and education left a lasting impact on her students and the cultural landscape.


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