Who is John Dean’s Wife Now? Love in the Spotlight!

John Dean used to work as a lawyer in the White House for the president. Who is John Dean’s Wife Now? You might recognize him from his political participation, particularly during the Watergate incident. Join us as we explore the latest chapter of John Dean’s love life and discover who the special person is with him now.

Who is John Dean’s Wife Now?

John Dean’s wife is Maureen Dean. They’ve been happily married for 50 years since October 1972. Before Maureen, John was married to Karla for 8 years, but they got divorced.

They have a son named John Weasley Dean IV. Maureen had two marriages before John. She gained attention sitting behind her husband during the Watergate scandal hearing.

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Are John and Maureen Dean Still Married?

Despite the controversy around their relationship and John’s involvement in a big national scandal, our research shows that Maureen and John Dean are still happily married after five decades.

Surprisingly, their marriage has been free of any scandals or stories of disagreements, even though neither of them was each other’s first partner.

Is Maureen Dean Still Alive?

Yes, she is. At 76 years old, Maureen Dean has had a long and fulfilling life. She’s enjoying her retirement, spending time with her husband, stepson, and grandchildren. They do things like long walks, sightseeing, visiting parks, and other fun activities together.

The Maureen and John Dean Love Story

Maureen Kane and John Dean tied the knot in 1972. They met when Maureen was working for the National Committee on Marijuana and Drug Abuse.

Despite being twice married before, Maureen’s charm caught John’s eye. Introduced by diplomat Barry Goldwater Jr., they quickly moved in together and, out of respect for tradition, decided to marry after living together for a while.

Their wedding was a simple affair on October 13, 1972. John, a former attorney who served as a White House Counsel, had been divorced from his first wife, Karla Hennings, in 1970.

Although Maureen and John have been married for over five decades, they don’t have children together. However, John has a son, John Wesley Dean IV, from his previous marriage with Karla.


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