Who Is Cody Jinks Wife: Does Cody Jinks have any kids?

It’s difficult to criticize Cody Jinks’ background because he is one of contemporary country music’s most successful independent singers. Throughout his ten albums, the singer and guitarist has charted on Billboard and garnered a great deal of praise from both critics and fans.

His fan base has grown to millions throughout that period, enabling him to appear at important occasions like RodeoHouston.

Even though Cody’s exceptional career in country music has given him a large following, many of them might not be instantly aware of the circumstances in his family. What do we know about Cody’s wife in light of that? Does he have any children, too? Find out by reading on!

Cody Jinks Wife

Whether they know it or not, Cody’s wife, Rebecca Jinks, is probably well-known to those who regularly listen to his music because she was the model for many of his best hits.

Tracks like “She’s All Mine,” about his love for her, and “Someone to You,” an honest perspective on how fame can affect a relationship, were written on their relationship.

Cody, a professional songwriter Rebecca dated for a while before marrying on October 1, 2004. Since then, songs like “William and Wanda” and “Never Alone Always Lonely,” which she co-wrote with Cody, have been released.

Cody Jinks Wife

Although Rebecca’s Instagram is private, and Cody doesn’t frequently post about his family living there, the couple still appears content and doing well.

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Does Cody Jinks have any kids?

Much like details surrounding his marriage, information about Cody’s kids is sparse. We know that he and Rebecca are the proud parents of a son and a daughter, but neither has shared the youngsters’ names or at what point in their relationship either child was born.

Cody may not talk much about his children, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soft spot for them. In 2017, he shared an image of the back of his daughter’s head on Facebook, accompanied by the caption,

“I don’t typically post pics of my kids, but I had to post this one. My little girl is waiting by the front door for me to get home for Thanksgiving break. That’s what it’s all about, people.”

As for his son, Cody wrote on Twitter in 2013, “Nine years ago today, I married my love. She’s my rock, and she gave me two great kids, and my son’s head was enormous. I’m thinking Arby’s baby.”

Only time will tell if Cody reveals more about his children as they grow up, but given how little apart he’s mentioned them up until this point, he’ll likely continue to keep his private life exactly that.

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