Coolio Children: How Many Kids Does Coolio Have?

American rapper, actor, and record producer Coolio also produced music. On August 1st, 1963, he was born. Artis Leon Ivey Jr., better known professionally as Coolio, is the author of several songs. In the middle the to late 1990s, he rose to fame in the music industry.

Who Were Coolio’s 4 Children He Had With Ex-wife Josefa Salinas?

Although Coolio and Josefa Salinas were married in 1996, their union was short-lived. Having been married for four years, they got divorced in 2000. Salinas was a radio personality who achieved popularity on her own, independent of Coolio. In addition, the couple had four kids: Artisha, Brandi, Jackie, and Artis.

Coolio discussed his three girls in an interview with People back in 2008 that was published. At the time, Jackie was 15, Brandi was 19, and Artisha was 20. According to their 2008 ages, Artisha, Brandi, and Jackie will all be approximately 34 years old in 2022.

Coolio talked about dating his daughters throughout the conversation. I don’t sit there and keep an eye on them, but when I entered the living room the other day and saw Artisha seated on a man’s lap, I said, “Oh, hell no,” he responded. Also, check Johnny Depp’s Dating Lawyer and Audrina Patridge’s Relationship.

She continued to sit, so I pulled up one of the pool table’s legs and told her, “You better get up now. She said, “I’m twenty years old!” You’d better find yourself a 20-year-old house then, I said.

Later In His Life, He Had Six More Children

According to RSVP Live, Coolio has six additional children in addition to the children he shared with Josefa Salinas, including a son named Artis Ivey III: Grtis, Milan, Darius, Zhane, Kate, and Shayne Ivey. Although Coolio rarely discussed his children publicly, he did on his short-lived reality series Coolio’s Rules.

In the series, Coolio lived in a Los Angeles home with four children while juggling his music career and four teenagers on his own. Josefa Salinas, his ex-wife, does not appear to have been associated with the program. There were just six episodes in the entire series.

Fans of Celebrity Wife Swap may recall that Coolio’s ex-girlfriend, Mimi Ivey, also appeared on the show. Despite their public relationship, it doesn’t appear that any of Coolio’s children were born from Ivey and Coolio.

Final Lines

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