Damson Idris Net Worth 2022: How Much He Earned From His Acting Career?

Damson Idris Net Worth: A British actor and producer, Damson Idris. He is the youngest of six children and was born in 1991 to Nigerian parents in Peckham, South East London. Although his parents immigrated to the UK in quest of a better life, he was raised by his single mother, who instilled in him a desire to succeed and a commitment to hard work at a young age.

He enjoyed entertaining family and friends because he was the youngest, and it was clear from an early age that he had a natural flair for the arts. Nevertheless, playing professional football was his goal. In 2002, when his squad participated in Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee, he too played rugby and shook her hand.

He didn’t start thinking seriously about pursuing an acting career until he sustained a knee injury. He earned a BA Hons degree in Theatre, Film, and Television Studies from Brunel University in England. Soon after, he received acting training at the Identity School of Acting. In 2012, he made his acting debut on UK theater stages.

Damson Idris Net Worth
Damson Idris Net Worth

Damson Idris Early Life

Idris is of Nigerian heritage and was born in Peckham, South-East London. The youngest of six kids, he is. He was a football player who aspired to succeed Cristiano Ronaldo. He also played rugby, and in 2002, when his side participated in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he shook her hand.

Idris decided to pursue a career in acting at Brunel University London after seeing that his older siblings—three brothers and two sisters—had all chosen to pursue corporate jobs in law, business, and IT.

He graduated with a BA with honors in theater, film, and television studies. Then he continued his acting education at the famed Identity School of Acting in London, where he studied with A-listers including Malachi Kirby, Letitia Wright, and John Boyega.

Damson Idris Personal Life

Idris is a fervent supporter of Manchester United F.C. Denzel Washington, an American actor, was cited as his hero. He stated to Interview magazine in 2017: “Denzel is incredible. I didn’t know I wanted to act, but after I realized I did, I started looking at the people others thought were outstanding.

I considered the person I hoped to emulate. Not just in their actions but also their private lives. He accomplished my goal of being a well-rounded individual who set a beautiful example of good taste, distinction, and class.”

He isn’t married right now. He is currently unmarried. His private life hasn’t been disclosed. He cherishes the privacy of his personal life.

Damson Idris Career

Idris had the opportunity to meet Ade Solanke at Brunel, and she pushed him to try out for a role in her play Pandora’s Box. He was given the part, joined an agency, and started appearing in other sports.

He received additional training at the Femi Oguns-founded Identity School of Acting. Idris decided to pursue parts in television and movies after acting at the Royal National Theatre in London.

He appeared in several British television shows, such as Miranda (2013), Doctors (2015), and Casualty (2015). Franklin Saint, a driven 19-year-old heroin dealer in Los Angeles, is Idris’s standout character in John Singleton’s FX crime drama Snowfall, which debuted in July 2017.

The first season of Snowfall weaves together the experiences of numerous characters whose lives would soon clash due to narcotics. The show is set in 1983, as the United States is on the edge of the crack cocaine pandemic.

Idris gave a video audition in London before taking a flight to Los Angeles, where he spent the day working with Singleton to demonstrate his command of the accent. He studied with the rapper WC to hone his American accent, and WC also taught him the mannerisms unique to South Central Los Angeles.

Idris received positive feedback for his portrayal; TV Guide’s Malcolm Venable described him as “nothing short of mesmerizing.” In July 2018, Snowfall’s 1984-set second season debuted. Idris made his big screen debut in 2016’s Riz Ahmed-led British thriller City of Tiny Lights.

Alongside Kate Mara, who portrays the film’s titular character in the eponymous war drama, he made his American film debut in Megan Leavey in 2017. Idris acted in Farming with Kate Beckinsale and as an FBI agent in Liam Neeson’s 2018 movie The Commuter.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a Nigerian-British actor who directed the movie, wrote a semi-autobiographical screenplay called “Farming” for it. Idris portrays the persona modeled after Akinnuoye-Agbaje, a Nigerian who, like many others in the late 20th century, was “farmed out” to a white family in the UK in the hopes of a better life.

At the same time, Beckinsale plays his strict foster mother. Damson’s performance earned him the Edinburgh Film Festival’s Best Actor in a British Film Award in 2019. In the second episode of Black Mirror’s fifth season, “Smithereens,” he also makes an appearance.

At the 12th Screen Nation Film and Television Awards in London in May 2017, Idris was the “Emerging Talent Award” winner.

Damson Idris’s Net Worth

In 2022, Damson Idris’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 Million. Mostly he earned his Net Worth from his professional acting career. He also makes money from his appearances in movies, films, and series. According to some reports, he earned about $80,000 per episode of the first season of Snowball, which translates to about $800,000 for the first season.

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