AEW Rampage Results September 16: Winners, Grades, And Match Highlights

Welcome to Bleacher Report’s coverage and analysis of the September 16 AEW Rampage. On Wednesday’s Dynamite, most of the matchups from Friday’s program were primarily set up through backstage features. Ethan Page of The Firm chose Danhausen as his first target in this new endeavor because he wants people to take this enterprise seriously.

Also included were matches between Matt Hardy and Darby Allin, Willow Nightingale and Penelope Ford, and Samoa Joe defending his ROH TV championship against Josh Woods, a previous ROH pure champion. Let’s examine what occurred throughout the performance on Friday.

Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy

As the episode started, Hardy and Allin were both in the ring. Before they began to lock up for the first time in this fight, they shook hands respectfully. They got things going slowly with short holds, defenses, and takedowns.

After driving Hardy into the steel steps, Allin had the upper hand, but his willingness to take chances cost him when he missed hitting Jeff Hardy‘s Swanton Bomb on the apron and fell to the ground.

The veteran, who is now 47, can still play a solid match, but his style has changed significantly due to years in the industry and a few injuries. The fact that he can still perform at this point in his career is, in part, what makes it so astounding.

Although he and Allin got along well, Allin was the one whose hand was raised after they used Last Supper to get the pin. After he departed, Brody King attacked Hardy and called out Allin and Sting.

They entered the arena and agreed to compete in a tag fight at Grand Slam. Hardy was still smothered to death by King. Although the match had shortcomings, this was an excellent way to open the program.

Winner: Darby Allin

Grade: C+

Penelope Ford vs. Willow Nightingale

Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, and Chris Jericho gave a promo before Willow and Ford entered the ring for the evening’s second match. Although Willow had an early advantage due to her higher power, Ford could regain the upper hand and keep it for most of the commercial break.

Ford countered Nightingale’s strength with speed and agility, but a pounce from someone like Willow would leave a lasting impact. The Superbad Girl obtained the submission victory. Despite receiving a respectable amount of time, most of it was spent during the break.

While picture-in-picture is beneficial, full-screen viewing of the game is preferable. Although it was enjoyable, Tony Khan should support Nightingale soon if he observes the crowd.

Winner: Penelope Ford

Grade: C+

Danhausen vs. Ethan Page

Before the contest began, Danhausen made fun of Page’s smile. The painted wrestler was immediately taken to the ground and beaten into the mat by All Ego. Danhausen slapped him in defiance, but his much larger foe was only infuriated.

Page made his finisher for a speedy victory. Although this was a squash, it worked, considering how AEW employs both men.

Winner: Ethan Page

Grade: C

Samoa Joe vs. Josh Woods

Joe and Woods entered the ring for the main event after Mark Henry conducted the customary pre-match interview. On the line was the ROH TV championship. When they locked up, the conflict turned violent as soon as they put their hands on one another.

Joe defended his title while Woods was out to make a point. Both males were pumped up and eager to engage in a fight. Undoubtedly, this would take the spotlight because both of these guys are adept at various skills.

They delivered on that promise with a game that would have been the greatest of the week, given an additional five minutes. The Samoan Submission Machine used the Muscle Buster to secure a victory and keep his title by pinfall.

After the fight, Tony Nese attacked him. Woods joined in right away, but Wardlow appeared to stem their attack. Mark Sterling could stay in the ring thanks to Joe, but Nese intervened to save him before The Wardaddy could powerbomb him.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Grade: B+

Final Lines

This article provides the AEW rampage match result in which Samoa Joe defends his ROH TV championship against Josh Woods. For more information and future updates about AEW, stay tuned with us on our site


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