David Shafer Murder: The Story of His Murder and the Quest for Truth!

Delbert Shafer’s de@th was reported to Leetonia, Ohio, and 911 operators and first responders were immediately sent to the scene. The case, which was initially assumed to be a natural de@th, took an unexpected turn when the county coroner’s office suspected foul activity was involved.

The terrible m*rder is detailed in the Investigation Discovery documentary “Evil Lives Here: I Will Always Be Scared of Him,” which also demonstrates how the victim’s location was discovered considerably more quickly than anticipated. Let’s examine the crime in more depth and discover who is Delbert’s m*rder*r.

David Shafer M*rder

David Shafer was made a person of interest in the inquiry as soon as he told the police about the passing of his father. The program also revealed that David’s brother and former stepmother, Deborah, confirmed his aggressive tendencies and outbursts. Deborah spoke about David’s enjoyment of inflicting harm on others in the program.

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No amount of reprimands or punishments worked, and David only continued to get uglier over time. Additionally, the police discovered via their investigation that David was on probation after being found guilty of an unrelated burglary case in 2010. Officers found Delbert’s whole collection of guns missing from the house when they went to speak with the suspect.

Despite David’s claims that he had given the weapons away, the police eventually got a search warrant. They located the majority of the weapons in the suspect’s possession, hidden away in a covert room. The family also thought David’s claim that he was the only executor of Delbert’s will was highly dubious.

David Shafer Murder

After more research, the police came to the conclusion that David had assaulted Delbert on January 14, 2018. But instead of running for aid right away, he scrubbed away all traces of his involvement and left his father to die.

Authorities opted to detain David on charges of tampering with evidence, possessing weapons despite having a disability, and m*rder as a result of the substantial evidence and several witness testimonies.

Delbert Shafer and his then-wife Deborah Williamson lived in Leetonia, Ohio. He was a police officer by profession and had the opportunity to meet Deborah while on duty at the court clerk’s office. Delbert had two sons and a daughter from his previous relationship, but Deborah embraced her stepchildren right away, and Delbert was eager to start a happy family.

Delbert was regarded in his community and is still mourned today. He was described as a lovely and affable person who loved to lend a helping hand whenever necessary. One of Delbert’s sons, David Shafer, noticed his father wasn’t responding on January 14 and made an emergency call.

David asserted that he had discovered Delbert dead after discovering him unconscious at their Leetonia home. When the body was brought to the county coroner’s office for more investigation, the police began to reevaluate their initial assessment of the de@th.

The coroner’s office notified law enforcement that Delbert’s de@th was suspicious on January 17, barely three days after the m*rder. A thorough examination revealed that the victim’s de@th was caused by blunt trauma to his head, trunk, and extremities. The police then started looking for the m*rder*r when it was determined that it was a homicide.

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