Derek Underwood Car Accident: The Untold Story of His Car Crash

Derek Underwood is an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and model Farrah Abhram’s husband. In this piece, we will shine the light on Derek Underwood’s car accident and check out what his wife and daughter are doing these days.

Derek Underwood Car Accident

In 2008, a month before their daughter Sophia was born, Derek died in a car accident. He is said to have lost control of his vehicle on December 28, 2008, while driving.

Zachary Mendoza, a passenger, and Derek were killed when it slipped and toppled over onto a power post. Derek Underwood and Zachary Mendoza, both 18 years old, died in the crash.

“He would always cook for us, and all his friends, whenever they came to the house, he loved to cook, he was going to go to culinary school,” said Kassy Underwood.

“Definitely lived on the edge, but he was responsible, he went to work, came home,” said Alissa Underwood.

Thomas Davis stated Although they had been friends since kindergarten, Zach Mendoza attended junior high and high school, living with his family.

“Zach was like a brother to me. Dustin and Derek were really close too –just going to miss going fishing with him and stuff like that, and the little games we used to play,” said Davis.

Derek Underwood Car Accident

Derek, the driver, may have attempted to pass someone on the road illegally before hitting a piece of black ice, according to information provided by the police to Underwood’s family.

Additionally, the family stated that they think the three teenagers had alcohol on Saturday night. “Just to know that you’re never going to see them again, it hurts,” stated Davis.

There will be no funeral services yet. Derek was the driver; thus, the Iowa state medical examiner has scheduled an autopsy for him, according to Underwood’s family.

The teens’ speed at the time of the incident, whether they were drinking, and whether they were buckled up in their seat belts have not been verified by the police.

On Monday at Thomas Jefferson High School, crisis counselors will be available.

Farrah Pays Tribute To Derek

The 13th anniversary of Derek’s passing fell on December 28, 2020, and Farrah paid tribute on social media.

“13 years later, I’m grateful I see ‘FATHER’ on your headstone today,” a caption reads next to a carousel of photos of Derek’s gravesite.

“I’m grateful for our family, I’ve learned more about the human condition, bereavement, trauma, loss,& depression. Your life has made a world of difference to mine and so many others.”

“In Living Memory, Peace & Love to DEREK UNDERWOOD, The Love Of My Life & FATHER to our amazing & blessed @sophialabraham. A thank you, A good bye, A Always in my mind, giving me strength to make the world a better place 🙏 Blessed.”

Who Is Farrah Abraham’s Baby Daddy?

Derek Underwood was the father of Farrah Abhram’s child. He was only 18 years old when he died, and he was from Council Bluffs, Iowa. He was born in Missouri but relocated to Iowa when he was a small boy, according to his obituary.

In the year of his death, Derek received his diploma from Thomas Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs. Prior to his passing, he was employed as a waiter/server at Rick’s Boatyard, a restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.

Derek receives very little attention in Farrah’s 16 & Pregnant season. During a scene in the show, Farrah’s mother gives her the order to block Derek’s number in order to break off communication. Shortly after Farrah cut off contact with Derek, he passed away in an accident.

How Many Kids Do Farrah and Derek Have Together?

Sophia Abraham was the only child that Farrah and Derek had together. 2009 saw her birth. Sophia has developed her own Instagram following and is regularly featured on her mother’s social media accounts.

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What Does Farrah Do For A Living?

Among the wealthiest Teen Mom celebrities is Farrah Abraham. She is a businesswoman, model, adult actor, and brand ambassador. According to reports, Farrah is worth $3–4 million.

Her appearances on reality shows like Teen Mom, Couples Therapy, and Single AF served as the foundation for her career. According to the source, she signed on to a new MTV spinoff series that will unite cast members from Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant.

Her LinkedIn shows that, as of July 2023, she graduated from Harvard with a master’s degree. But the document that’s attached indicates that she finished a screenwriting course—it doesn’t lead to her entire degree. Her LinkedIn page states that she graduated in April 2023 from The University of Texas in Austin with a paralegal certification.

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