DeSantis Office Switch Sets Stage for Big Announcement in 2024!

Monday marks the departure of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ political operation from the Republican Party of Florida headquarters, which has been based since the conclusion of the 2022 midterm elections.

Moving trucks were seen outside the Florida GOP headquarters throughout the day on Monday. The office transfer was initially announced by NBC News last Friday, indicating DeSantis’ transition toward a presidential run.

A party official stated that the trucks were present to transport DeSantis’ political activity out of the premises and into a new office space. The action was taken ahead of the anticipated start of the presidential campaign in the upcoming weeks.

It will take more than $5,000 in federal funding to make such a move, which starts the clock on DeSantis officially declaring his desire to run for president by submitting paperwork to the Federal Election Commission.

DeSantis Office Switch Sets Stage for Big Announcement in 2024

While many of his top former aides now work for a super PAC dubbed “Never Back Down” and have urged him to run for president in 2024, DeSantis has mainly shrugged off inquiries about doing so.

As an attαck dog against former President Donald Trump, who is thought to be the GOP frontrunner, it has raised tens of millions of dollars. It has begun airing TV advertising presenting DeSantis to voters in early primary states.

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Over the weekend, DeSantis held events in Iowa while Trump canceled due to weather-related worries. The governor also gave a press conference on Monday, stating that Republicans have been losing elections lately.

Recently, TODAY shared a Tweet related to the Office Switch Sets Stage for Big Announcement:

“And for me, it’s like, okay, what’s that true north, you’ve obviously got to win otherwise you do not get a ticket to the dance,” DeSantis told. “But once you do that, how are you going to be able to actually bring about big change to make people’s lives better.”

Bryan Griffin, the governor’s office’s press secretary for DeSantis, left his position on Monday. In response to a request for comment regarding his joining the political team, the campaign did not respond.

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