New York Limo Service Manager Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In Tragic Crash Claiming 20 Lives

ALBANY, NEW YORK — On Wednesday, the manager of a limousine business involved in one of the deadliest car accidents in the United States in the last two decades was found guilty of manslaughter in the incident that took the lives of 20 people in rural New York.

The trial of Prestige Limousine owner Nauman Hussain concluded with a judgment on the second day of deliberations. When sentenced on May 31, he might get up to 15 years in pr!son.

After hearing the guilty decision, relatives waiting years for justice were emotionally overcome. As the judgment was being read, there were audible shouts and cries.

New York Limo Service Manager Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In Tragic Crash Claiming 20 Lives

“It’s exhilarating,” Outside the courthouse, Kevin Cushing told WNYT-TV that his son Patrick Cushing had been ki!!ed in the accident. “We had relatively low expectations because this four-and-a-half years has been filled with disappointment.”

The birthday party SUV’s brakes failed in 2018, sending the vehicle careening off the road. Before stopping in a streambed, the car cr@shed into a parked automobile and some trees near the village of Schoharie, west of Albany. Eighteen people were mu*dered: sixteen passengers, the driver, and two spectators.

The state’s attorney said that the crash might have been avoided if Hussain had inspected the 2001 Ford Excursion as required by state law.

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Lawyer Lee Kindlon stated a mechanic lied to his client. The store was not prosecuted criminally, and its owners denied responsibility.

After the verdict was pronounced, Hussain was promptly arrested. Before leaving the courthouse, Kindlon told reporters he was “heartbroken” by the ruling.

“I’m a little disappointed the judge decided to lock him up today, but not surprised,” he stated.

For the victims’ relatives, Wednesday’s verdict was a turning point in an emotional rollercoaster. Relatives were frustrated by the news of a plea offer in 2021 that would have saved Hussain prison time after the criminal case was delayed due to the epidemic.

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After a judge unexpectedly rejected the settlement offer last fall, the trial was moved to a courthouse a short distance from the site of the tragedy.

A former repair shop manager, eyewitnesses, and a state Department of Transportation inspector who had previously cited the SUV-style limousine for violations all testified in the trial. The defendants did not present any witnesses.

“No one likes to see someone’s life destroyed, and I don’t want to feel that way,” Cushing said such words about Hussain. “I’m certainly glad he’s convicted and I believe he’s getting a punishment that he deserves, but I take no joy in that.”

Congressman Paul D. Tonko chimed in after Hussain was found guilty.

“Today’s verdict marks the beginnings of justice being served,”  remarked Tonko, a native of the New York City of Amsterdam, where many fatalities were from. “While nothing can replace these precious lives lost, I hope this decision brings a measure of peace to all their loved ones.”

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