Does Scream 6 Have an End Credits Scene? Should You Stick Around for This?

The sixth entry in perhaps the best slasher franchise in history is called Scream VI. Another observation is that every significant franchise now includes a scene at the end credits to thank viewers for sticking with the film or to tease unresolved plot concerns that could be addressed in future sequels.

It would be reasonable to infer that every initial picture had an end-credits scene or at least 2021’s SCREAM given that Scream is a meta-horror franchise that frequently makes fun of overused cinematic cliches.

Yet, despite having five films, no Scream movie has ever had an end-credit scene. With Scream VI, which breaks convention while adhering to the franchise’s formula, all of that is set to alter.

Should You Stick Around for Scream VI Post-Credits Scene?

Let’s get this out of the way: Scream VI does have a sequence at the end credits, but it is not a revolutionary look into the future. When Wes Craven released Scream in 1996, the series essentially functioned as a mystery series.

Every film features a different serial killer, and we follow the protagonist as she attempts to piece the puzzles together and identify Ghostface before anybody else.

It’s a fun game that enables the audience to participate in the film, another reason why Scream movies are fantastic to watch with friends. You can debate the various errors of each series installment.

Does Scream 6 Have an End Credits Scene
Does Scream 6 Have an End Credits Scene

A mystery, meanwhile, is only as good as the solutions it offers, which is why every Scream film concludes with a shocking revelation in which the villain’s monologue reveals how and why they came to be Ghostface. Because the whole plot revolves around finding the killer, there are no unresolved issues after any Scream movie.

And after that, nodding toward the future would be absurd. The Scream films are preoccupied with the past but unconcerned with the future. That viewpoint is refreshing as each movie is created to convey its tale rather than wasting valuable time planning sequels. Even still, there aren’t many end-credits moments for filmmakers to choose from.

Why does Scream VI have an end-credit scene if the filmmakers aren’t concerned with laying the basis for a sequel? Of course, to deceive the supporters’ expectations! As with every previous franchise installment, Scream VI spends a significant portion of its running time deciphering film clichés.

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The first film focused on how to create a horror film, the second on how sequels seldom outperform the original, and the third, in 2022, poked fun at “elevated horror” and legacy sequels. The theme of Scream VI is franchises and how, over time, they take precedence over individual characters.

That the film incorporates an end-credits scene, one of the critical components of franchises today, is expected. Each viewer must decide whether or not to stay through the credits. If so, don’t anticipate any significant revelations. All Scream VI has in store for the end-credits scenes is a humorous and oddball reference. It, to be fair, blends in beautifully with the film.

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