GameFace Net Worth 2022: How Did Gameface Do After Shark Tank?

GameFace Net Worth: Game Face is a novel face mask manufacturing business model. GameFace is a suitable and superior replacement for the face painting because it covers the face with a mask. GameFace masks are simple to put on and take off after use and have no negative consequences.

In the beginning, GameFace was created for a Team that wanted something special to represent their preferred sports team. For various celebrations, parties, and sporting occasions, GameFace carries many styles of masks.

GameFace eliminates the laborious, potentially hazardous practice of coloring people’s faces. The football club used GameFace’s temporary face tattoos to expand its market. In September 2013, GameFace was established in London, England.

Who Was The Founder Of Gameface?

GameFace was developed in 2013 by Tayler Doug Marshall, a Texas citizen, and is a novel company concept. Before creating his business strategy, Doug held a previous position as a salesman for several different businesses.

Marshall had previously worked for a Taiwanese business. Doug currently serves as the president and CEO of Dallas commercial roofing and GameFace. Doug used to operate his business out of the adjacent garage of his home. Also, check our trending articles, PittMoss Net Worth and Hot Tot Net Worth.

On The Shark Tank, Did Gameface Secure A Deal?

Doug Marshall came to the Shark Tank platform with his GameFace mask company to receive stock in exchange for sharks’ expertise and investment. In exchange for a $450,000 investment and a 25% equity stake in his company, Doug requested.

GameFace Net Worth
GameFace Net Worth

Doug went on the program wearing a patriot mask over his face to demonstrate what his product is. Along with him, his daughter and son were dressed to promote their business. Doug asserted that a patent protects his product.

According to GameFace’s founder, after one year of business, they made $6,700, and after five years, they made a total of $102,000. Kevin questioned Doug about his $2 million valuation, but Doug didn’t provide a clear response.

Robert Herjavec questioned Doug about the total return he made from $102,000. Doug reported that they had generated $32,000 in profit. When Daymond John inquired about the competition, he said that since they had a patent for a full-facial peel-able mask, there was very little chance that GameFace would encounter competition.

The first to make an offer was Kevin O’Leary, who said, “I’ll pay you $450,000, with $300,000 recognized as a loan and 10% royalty per unit until the investment amount is paid back.” In the pitch, Lori Greiner also entered and made a $450,000 offer in exchange for 40% stock and no conditions.

Now that Mark knew the entire game plan for this business and had made a million-dollar offer for 100% of it, all eyes were on him. Doug will be paid $80,000 each year for five years in addition to making a $400,000 investment.

Lori Greiner consented to travel with Mark after Mark requested her to join him. In response, Kevin O’Leary declared that he would lose his soul if he accepted Mark’s offer. “You, My friend, are becoming a millionaire,” Mark said to Doug.

In agreement with Mr. Wonderful’s assertion, Robert Herjavec Doug waited a minute before making a counteroffer to Mark and Lori for $450,000 in exchange for 35% equity. Doug tried to seize Mark and responded with a counteroffer of 35% equity with 10% royalty after Lori countered with 20% equity. Mark and Lori accepted the deal. After receiving his check, Doug left.

After Shark Tank, What Happened To Gameface?

GameFace received assistance from Shark Tank to succeed in their forecasts after their presence on the program. Because they had a stranglehold on the product, their peel-off mask gained popularity throughout the region.

They had a substantial opportunity for rapid growth given the size of the Sports and Halloween franchise markets, and the same thing happened to them. GameFace began to produce distinctive masks with few modifications. Still, as they have grown and expanded, they now offer a variety of covers for different events and let customers customize their shows.

In 2016, GameFace debuted its most recently created products at the Halloween and Party Expo. GameFace received the usual zealous welcome and had a generous offer for many distributors. GameFace is currently attempting to establish a name for itself in the two most popular markets—sports and Halloween events.

According to Doug, they own their websites, social media channels, and 400 brick-and-mortar stores. In the retail market, GameFace is offered for $5 but only costs $2.50 per unit.

Is Gameface Still In Business?

Doug Marshall continues to work part-time at GameFace because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationships with his family. Thanks to the sharks’ advice and expertise, Doug is doing very well after rejecting millions’ offer to take his company private.

GameFace Net Worth

They were worth about $1.2 million at the time of the presentation. They are doing well financially as of 2022 and bring in $5 million annually.

Final Lines

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