Hamlin Injury Update: The Facts You Need to Know

Hamlin Injury Update: The Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin’s life-threatening injury against the Cincinnati Bengals on a Monday night sent shockwaves through the NFL and the sports world.

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When did this occur, anyway?

Hamlin, a 24-year-old safety, brought down Bengals receiver Tee Higgins in the first quarter. After being tackled, Hamlin got to his feet and walked two steps before he crumpled to the ground. Higgins suffered no injuries.

The team on the field performed CPR on Hamlin when he suffered a cardiac arrest, and his heart was able to be brought back to life. After that, he was rushed to the emergency room at the local hospital. The team disclosed his situation with greater candor than is customary in NFL injury reports.

After an hour of inconclusive news regarding when the game would resume, it was called off.

Instead of scores and highlights, ESPN had to update viewers on a terrible injury that occurred during the game. Joe Buck, the play-by-play announcer, described the game as “a nightmare.” “It was something for which no one could ever be ready. There’s been all this buildup—people are excited to see this matchup—but then, in an instant, everything changes. The football season is over.

Hamlin Injury Update

Despite “signs of improvement seen yesterday and overnight,” the Bills reported on Wednesday that Hamlin was still in serious condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The team said they expected Hamlin to remain in intensive care.

Why did she suddenly collapse?

Exactly what caused Hamlin’s heart to cease beating is still a mystery. A heart arrhythmia could have been the result of the blow to his chest, according to cardiology specialists. This is an uncommon wound, as it requires hitting the chest at a split second (around 20 ms) when the heart is at rest.

Hamlin Injury Update
Hamlin Injury Update

Who exactly is Damar Hamlin?

Originally from McKees Rocks, Hamlin attended the University of Pittsburgh. The Bills selected him in the sixth round of the 2021 draft, and he started playing in games the following year, in September.

He spearheaded a toy campaign while he was a student. Around 200,000 people, including celebrity quarterbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, have donated over $6 million to it since his injury. Hamlin’s marketing manager, Jordon Rooney, has confirmed that the funds will be sent to the company’s philanthropic organization.

According to Terry Totten, his high school coach at Central Catholic, “whether it was adversity or high times, working for his charity, or aiding an athlete or student of inferior caliber,” he was always there for his players and students. In spite of whatever it was, he remained composed, cool, and assured. A real head that walks the walk In a word, he’s amazing.

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Can you update us on the score?

It was called after nine minutes with the Bengals up 7-3. The league announced that play would not resume this week, leaving it with a number of less-than-ideal options.

To accommodate the remaining time, the playoff schedule might be moved up, the game could be declared a tie, the game could be canceled, or it could be awarded to the Bengals.

The winner of this game could have a big impact on which side earns the A.F.C.’s top seed and a first-round playoff bye.

For the time being, the weekend’s games are still on as planned, marking the completion of the regular season. The Bengals announced their Sunday, 1 p.m. Eastern game against the Ravens on Wednesday.

How have others responded to this?

Some players on both teams were seen crying and others were seen praying when the incident occurred.

Cardinals’ J.J. Watt tweeted, “The game is not significant.” Life is precious, and Damar Hamlin is no exception. Be sure you’re doing fine. Please.”

The players resumed their Wednesday practices. The league’s mental health and support resources have been re-emphasized to the teams.

Some supporters have also expressed sympathy and support for the injured players.

On Wednesday, after returning to the White House from a visit to Kentucky, Vice President Biden told reporters that he had spoken with Hamlin’s parents. I don’t know how you ignore it,” Biden remarked when asked if he thought the NFL had gotten too deadly. I don’t.”

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The city of Buffalo, how is it influencing you?

A horrific massacre at a supermarket in May and a devastating blizzard around the holidays have made for a difficult year for the city. The Bills, at 12-3, were a bright point in an otherwise dark season.

Mark Poloncarz, the executive of Erie County, stated, “It has been the snowball that I have been hoping would end.” We have a debt to karma.

Frequently asked questions

What was Skip Bayless’s tweet about Hamlin?

After taking a blow to the chest, Hamlin slipped into cardiac arrest. At the time of the event on Monday, Bayless tweeted, “no doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game – but how?” The regular season standings are suddenly meaningless at this point in the season when a game of this magnitude is at stake.

Will Damar Hamlin recover?

Two days after collapsing and going into cardiac arrest during Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Damar Hamlin’s marketing agent stated Wednesday that the safety for the Buffalo Bills is making progress in “a positive path.” Observe the video up top: Hear from Damar Hamlin’s uncle as he updates the family on his nephew Damar’s health. To quote everyone here: “We still have faith.”

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