How Did Willie Hernández Die: What Were The Circumstances Surrounding His Death?

Famous for his stellar career in MLB, Puerto Rican relief pitcher Willie Hernández was a baseball legend. Hernández, who was born in Aguada, Puerto Rico, started his career with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1973 and rose through the ranks of the organization’s minor leagues as a starting pitcher from 1974 to 1976. After being picked up by the Chicago Cubs in the 1976 Rule 5 Draft, he made a dramatic career shift, becoming a dominant relief pitcher known for his innovative use of the screwball and cut fastball. You can read about details relating to Willie Hernández below.

How Did Willie Hernández Die?

Willie Hernández passed away in his house. However, the circumstances of his demise, including the cause of death, remain unknown. Hernández’s legacy as a beloved Puerto Rican baseball hero extends beyond his on-field success and into his commercial endeavours. With his passing, a unique era in baseball history came to an end.

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The death of famous baseball pitcher Willie Hernández was recently announced, and the baseball world is in mourning. The Puerto Rican pitcher was an innovator in more ways than one, as he was famous both for his on- and off-field exploits. Hernandez had the misfortune of never being able to gain a seat in Cooperstown, Baseball’s Hall of Fame, despite the acclaim and career achievements that may probably classify him as the best closer of his generation.

There is still no word on what killed this baseball legend, leaving his legions of admirers and the entire sport in the dark. Willie Hernández’s rejection from the Hall of Fame has caused controversies and disputes since his impact on the game went beyond his statistics.

His achievements may not have been consistent enough to warrant inclusion into Cooperstown, according to his detractors. Whatever the case may be for Hernandez’s lack of Hall of Fame induction, baseball has lost a true great with his passing.

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How did Hernández’s Debut as a Relief Pitcher in 1977 Impact his Career?

Baseball fans will remember Willie Hernández for his ability to switch gears and succeed as both a starting pitcher and a reliever. His professional career began in 1973, when the Philadelphia Phillies signed the then-amateur free agent Hernández, who was born in Aguada, Puerto Rico, in 1954. Early in his career with the Phillies organization, he was used largely as a starting pitcher, and he showed great promise by compiling impressive records throughout multiple leagues.

The Chicago Cubs’ Rule 5 draft pick in 1976 changed the course of Hernández’s life. He was able to make his MLB debut in April of 1977 after converting to a relief pitcher. Hernández had ups and downs throughout his time with the Cubs. In 1982, he reached his full potential as a relief pitcher and became an integral part of the team’s success. Important factors in this change were his newfound confidence and the inclusion of the screwball and cutter in his repertoire.

Hernández’s career reached new heights when he was dealt to the Philadelphia Phillies in May 1983. He was an essential cog in the Phillies’ machine, helping them win games from the mound and at the plate. Although they were ultimately defeated in the World Series, that year’s club won the National League pennant.

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Who is Carmen Rivera and How Did She Play a Role in Hernández’s Personal Life?

Willie Hernández's Personal Life
Willie Hernández’s Personal Life

Willie Hernández retired from professional baseball and went on to develop and run a successful steel construction company in Puerto Rico. After that, he sold the construction company and started dabbling in cattle ranching to broaden his commercial horizons. Hernández also had a personal life, marrying Carmen Rivera in 1978 and starting a family with her.

Hernández and Carmen have two wonderful sons: Guillermo, born in 1981, and Xavier, born in 1982. Hernández’s post-baseball years were woven together with threads from his wife Carmen and their children. Hernández’s health was a problem even after he retired from football. Asthma, diabetes, many strokes, and heart surgery in 2009 didn’t stop him from fighting for his life.

Hernández never lost touch with his baseball roots, even as his health declined. To demonstrate his continued love for baseball and the city where he became a legend, on April 4, 2019, he returned to Detroit to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Tigers’ 2019 home opener.

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