Chalino Sanchez Cause of Death And What Happened At Culiacán’s Salon Bugambilias?

Singer and composer Rosalino “Chalino” Sanchez gained fame for his narcocorridos, which glorify drug use and criminal activity in Mexico. Born in 1960, Chalino spent his childhood in a small community in Mexico’s Sinaloa state with his multiple siblings. When Chalino was only six years old, his father passed away unexpectedly. Below you can find out details relating to Chalino Sanchez cause of death and more.

Chalino Sanchez Cause of Death

A private performance by Chalino took place at Culiacán’s Salon Bugambilias around four months after the critical shooting at Coachella. He departed the club on May 16, 1992, after a tremendously successful performance, accompanied by his siblings, cousin, and a group of young women.

They were travelling in Chevrolet Suburbans when a squad of armed guys, posing as state police, pulled them over and kidnapped one of his brothers. After convincing Chalino that the commandant wanted to see him, the men bundled the singer into their car and drove off, with the other vehicles following behind. His body was discovered hours later in an irrigation ditch in the Los Laureles neighbourhood of Culiacan.

Nearly 30 years have passed since Chalino’s terrible death, but his legacy lives on in the form of millions of streams. The young and old alike in Hispanic and Latin American communities have taken to his music and his impact.

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Murder Of Chalino Sanchez

As of May 16, 1992, Chalino was no longer with us. Near Culiacán, Sinaloa, three local farmers discovered Rosalino Sánchez Félix dead in a stream. The musician had visible traces of assault on his body, including ropes around his wrists and ankles.

Blindfolds were put on Chalino as well. He had been shot twice in the back of the head, which is how he died. Chalino’s issues began after he illegally entered the United States.

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How Long has Chalino been Making Music?

Chalino Sanchez Career
Chalino Sanchez Career

In the early 1980s, he was caught and given an eight-month prison term. He did time in Le Mesa for several misdemeanours. Sánchez used his time in prison to hone his musical skills and connect with fellow detainees, most of whom were from Sinaloa. The singer/songwriter was motivated by the stories of other detainees to write songs about similar circumstances.

And the name “narcocorridos” stuck for that style of music. After serving his time, he immediately began a singing career based on lyrical accounts of his time spent in prison for drug trafficking. And the masses ate it up, albeit the authorities didn’t take kindly to the glorification of criminal behaviour.

He kept penning tales that reflected his Sinaloan upbringing. Listeners knew exactly what his songs were about even if he never mentioned the drug trade by name. Sánchez may have helped spread the word about narcocorridos, but it was still illegal in many places and dangerous for musicians to pursue. Before he met Pedro Rivera, Sánchez began his musical career in Los Angeles by making cassette tapes of his original songs and selling them out of the trunk of his car.

Together with Pedro’s help (he had a makeshift recording studio), they created the first narcocorridos recordings. Due to his popularity, Chalino was able to perform in a variety of settings. His 1992 performance at Coachella was one of his most iconic. Someone went up on stage as he was playing and began shooting at him with a pistol. The musician pulled out his weapon and opened fire.

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