Manon Mathews Divorce: How Long Was She Married To Murphy?

One of the hottest subjects on the web has been Manon Mathews’s boyfriend. Santa Barbara City College was where she got her start in the performing arts and cinematic production. She was born in Los Angeles, California, and she now works as a comedian, actress, and internet celebrity.

Manon’s career took off once she joined illustrious comedic groups including the Groundlings, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and the Second City Conservatory. Before the demise of the app Vine, she had garnered over 3 million followers and more than 1.4 billion loops, catapulting her to celebrity. Besides Dad’s Garage and SF Sketchfest, Manon also performed in the 2018 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, proving that her comedic talents were not limited to Vine.

She has starred in films like “Holiday Breakup” and guest-starred on television episodes including “Broad City,” “Single by 30,” and “Sorry, Not Sorry.” There are also commercials featuring her for companies including Bud Light, T-Mobile, JBL Speakers, and Master Card. Manon has been nominated for Viner of the Year at the Shorty Awards for the second year in a row because to her cleverness and originality. Manon Mathews’s adaptability and wit continue to win over fans on social media and beyond.

Manon Mathews Divorce

Manon Mathews and her ex-husband, Stephen Murphy, were married for only eight months before they filed for divorce. The couple started dating after only four months of meeting each other in 2017, and their wedding is scheduled for July 2019 in Malibu, California. The breakup was revealed by Manon Mathews herself in an emotional Facebook post in March 2020, when she said that despite three months of therapy, they couldn’t address their issues.

While she did not explain the split at the time, she did so in a podcast interview in June of 2020. A month after their wedding, her friends told her that Murphy had been having an affair behind her back, completely turning her world upside down and making her question everything she had previously accepted as true.

She didn’t say what her husband did, but she did say that she was afraid of the explicit nature of what he did. Manon and Stephen have remained close friends and sincerely care for each other despite the dissolution of their marriage. She has moved on with her life and is now happily coupled with aspiring actor, producer, and podcaster Jonny Carlson.

Manon’s divorce and subsequent self-discovery prompted her to pen “Funny How It Works Out.” In the book, she discusses the adultery of her ex-husband and the difficulties she faced as a result.

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What Impact did the Breakup have on the Actress’s Personal and Professional life?

The actress did not elaborate on the breakup’s cause in her Facebook post, but she did so on a podcast with Laura Cathcart Robbins in June of 2020. A month after the ceremony, she met up with her friends to inspect her wedding photos and they warned her that Murph was “doing something behind her back”.

“They tell me the person I married was doing some things behind my back that I didn’t know about, and it completely turned my life upside down, made me question everything I had ever accepted as true and true about reality,” she said. She did not go into detail, but she did say that she had been afraid after witnessing “these things that were s*xual in nature that wasn’t for me.”

Who is Manon Mathews Dating?

Manon Mathews is currently dating a guy named Jonny Carlson. The duo is rumoured to have been together during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Jonny, a Turkish filmmaker, was confined along with his girlfriend. Manon has uploaded images of them together on her Instagram account.


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Despite having information on Manon Mathews boyfriend’s name and occupation, no further information is available as he loves to keep his personal life private. Jonny, on the other hand, seems to share every intimate moment of their relationship with the world. Manon also shared a photo of herself with Jonny and an ultrasound photo, so it’s safe to assume that the adorable couple will soon become parents. However, it is unclear if they are married; we will keep you posted whenever more information becomes available.

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