How old is Sara Foster? Her Multi-Talented Modeling to Hollywood!

Actress Sara Foster is of American descent. She is well-known for playing Jen Clark on 90210 on a regular basis as well as for playing Amy in the 2004 movie D.E.B.S. and Nancy in the 2004 movie The Big Bounce. She portrayed crime-fighting bise*ual D.E.B.S. by Angela Robinson.

She agreed to play Jen Clark, Naomi Clark’s sister, in the season of the drama series 90210 on The CW. Foster also acted in the Andrew Shortell-helmed science fiction movie Psych 9 from 2010. Here in this post, we will discuss Sara Foster age and career.

How Old is Sara Foster?

We will explore Sara Foster’s age today, which is 42 as of 2023, and take a tour of her impressive career. Sara Foster, who was born on February 5, 1981, in the thriving metropolis of Los Angeles, California, has made a considerable impact in the entertainment business over the years.

Sara was raised in a creative and talented environment because her father is the legendary musician David Foster. Sara was a well-known top model long before she made the switch to acting, appearing in significant ads for companies like Guess and Ralph Lauren.

Sara Foster eventually discovered her true calling, however, as the glamour of the modeling industry quickly gave way to the draw of acting. Sara enjoys a happy personal life. She is happily married to Tommy Haas, and the two of them enjoy raising their two lovely children together.

How old is Sara Foster?

Sara is well known for her professional achievements, but being a mother comes first. Sara’s journey, both professionally and personally, is encouraging as she reaches 42.

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Sara Foster Early Career

American actress Sara Foster has a $3 million dollar net worth. She made an appearance in the Shape of My Heart music video by the Backstreet Boys as well as a Going to California episode from the Showtime series. Later, she hosted 10 episodes of the Entertainment Tonight-like ET program on MTV.

George Armitage, the director and co-writer of the 2004 film The Big Bounce, took notice of her work on the show. For the role of Nancy Hayes, a 19-year-old flirt who seduces an Owen Wilson character in The Big Bounce, he hired Sara.

Since then, Foster has acted in the 2004 movie D.E.B.S., which is about females who are chosen to be secret spies based on their SAT test results. She agreed to play the pivotal recurring character Jen Clark on The CW’s teen drama series 90210 in 2009. Foster also appears in the Andrew Shortell-directed science fiction movie Psych 9.

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