Idris Elba Net Worth: How Much Does Idris Elba Get Paid Per Movie? Updated 2022

Idris Elba Net Worth: Idris Elba is a multi-talented British performer and entertainer. Throughout his career, Idris Elba has appeared in a wide range of television shows, films, and stage productions.

He’s also a well-known actor and director in the world of voiceovers and film. Numerous awards and nominations have been bestowed to Idris Elba.

With approximately $10 billion in worldwide ticket sales as of 2019, he is also one of the world’s highest-grossing actors, with $3.9 billion of that coming from the United States.

According to Time’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, Idris Elba is one of the world’s most beautiful people.

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Idris Elba Biography

Winston Elba, a Sierra Leonean Creole who worked at the Ford Dagenham plant, and Eve, a Ghanaian woman, had Idris Elba on September 6, 1972, in the London Borough of Hackney. Before coming to London, Elba’s parents got married in Sierra Leone.

As an aspiring actor, Elba changed his initial name to “Idris” at Canning Town High School, when he first became active in acting. When he saw an ad for a play in The Stage, he decided to audition and met his first agent while he was on stage.

In 1986, he began helping an uncle with his wedding DJ business and a year later, he and a few of his pals founded their own DJ firm.

Idris Elba Net Worth
Idris Elba Net Worth

Career in Acting

In 1994, Idris Elba made his acting debut on British television shows like Bramwell, Absolutely Fabulous, The Bill, and Family Affairs. After starring in Ultraviolet and Dangerfield, Idris Elba moved to New York City.

When he first came to America, he got his big break playing Troilus in a production of Troilus and Cressida. Law & Order provided Elba with his first major part, while The Wire gave him his best-known role.

From 2002 to 2004, Russell “Stringer” Bell played a key part in establishing himself as a household name in the United States.

After The Wire, Idris Elba played a prominent role in the Rwandan genocide film Sometimes in April, which brought him back to his roots. The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, which was filmed in Botswana, then cast him in the role.

A six-episode role on The Office landed him in 2009, and he went on to appear in the season finale. The role of Luther’s protagonist was offered to him in 2009, and he began filming that year.

As a result, he received a Golden Globe nomination. The Big C featured Idris Elba in 2010. As Charlie in the Netflix comedy series Turn Up Charlie, Elba was fired after just one season.

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In addition to his work on television, Idris also has a rich resume in the cinema industry. In the 2007 romantic comedy Daddy’s Little Girls, he had a starring role.

He appeared in films like 28 Days Later and This Christmas later that year. In 2008, Idris featured in two films directed by Guy Ritchie: Prom Night and RocknRolla. In 2009, Idris Elba appears in both The Unborn and Obsessed.

Beyonce co-stars in Obsessed, which opens to a $29 million opening weekend and ends up grossing over $73 million.

Idris Elba Net Worth

Idris Elba Net Worth: The net worth of Idris Elba is $40 million. In 2016, Time magazine named Idris Elba one of the world’s 100 most influential people. His role as Heimdall in the Avengers: Age of Ultron superhero movie trilogy made him a member of the Marvel universe. This actor has also dabbled in horror flicks such as The Unborn.

Obsessed, starring Beyoncé, was one of his most memorable roles. A huge success, the film made $29 million in its first week alone! On the animated film front, he’s voiced characters such as Chief Bogo in Disney’s Zootopia and The Jungle Book’s wicked Shere Khan as well as countless more big-budget productions.

His role in Finding Dory was also featured. The actor further presented the series Journey Dot Africa with Idris Elba on BBC Radio which attempted to explore all sorts of African Music.


His first wife, Hanne “Kim” Norgaard, married him in 1999. Although they had a kid together, the couple divorced in 2003, despite the fact that they had one child together.

While dating Naiyana Garth, Elba became pregnant with his second child. Sabrina Dhowre, a Somali-Canadian, became his wife in 2019.


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